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      Clear your driveway and sidewalks in no time with a new snow blower

      While snow is always a telltale sign that the holidays are fast approaching, even cold-weather fans probably arent looking forward to clearing their driveway before work. Don't dread shoveling this winter; bring home a new snow blower instead. With both electric- and gas-powered models to choose from, Sears offers the selection you need to keep the drifts away all winter long

      When you buy a new snow blower by Craftsman, Power Smart or Snow Joe, you'll have to choose between gas and electric powers. Each type has its unique advantages. Gas snow throwers are better for those with long driveways with public sidewalks to keep clear. Because gas snow blowers can generally plow greater distances between refueling sessions, they're a great choice for plowing larger areas. Gas snow blowers are also better for rural areas that may have unpredictable power coverage; in the event of a blizzard-induced blackout, gas snow blowers can still keep pathways clear.

      However, when it comes to convenience, electric snow blowers are hard to beat. You wont have to mess around with gas and greasy fuel cans; just plug your electric snow thrower into your garage outlet, and it's ready right away. This kind of quick and easy starting capability is especially helpful if you're short on time. Just imagine waking up in the morning on a work day to find that your garage is completely snowed in; an electric snow blower can tackle those drifts as soon as it's plugged in, getting you to work on time while everyone else is still at home shoveling.

      Preparing for inclement winter weather is about more than just clearing snowdrifts. Make sure you're prepared to keep your family safe and warm even in the worst storms by stocking up on other supplies. Keep a few bags of road salt around to melt ice on sidewalks and driveways, and make sure you have a couple of snow shovels handy to back up your snow blower. Emergency supplies like canned goods, blankets and batteries are also always helpful, even in non-emergency situations. Finally, a generator can provide real peace of mind when it's snowing continuously and the power grid is shaky.

      Stay prepared for the worst winter can throw at you with a new snow blower by Murray, Craftsman or SCC. Shop Sears' collection of snow throwers and prepare you home for winter today.


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