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      Electric snowblowers are convenient snow removal tools

      Having to shovel snow by hand can be a miserable experience, especially if you have a long or hilly driveway, or the snow is particularly wet and heavy. An electric snowblower is a convenient alternative to manual snow removal. While shoveling is always the least expensive option, it's not always worth the hassle. Perhaps you're not in the same physical shape condition you once were in, or maybe you just don't have the time it takes to shovel. You could spend the hours you'd normally spend shoveling playing in the yard with your children on snow days.

      Electric snowblowers are quick, dependable snow removal tools that are significantly less expensive than their gas counterparts, and the cost of maintaining the device is less because you don't need to buy gas. Electric snowblowers, which typically weigh less than 15 pounds, are best for removing snow from any area with less than 10 inches of snow. Sears has a variety of brands and sizes to choose from that will make removing snow from the sidewalk or driveway significantly easier. Electric snowblowers are light and easy to maneuver, and they are compact enough to be stored almost anywhere. You don't need an empty garage or separate shed to store an electric snowblower, much like you would its gas counterpart.

      There are two different types of electric snowblowers: the electric snow shovel and electric snow throwers. Electric snow shovels are the lightest and cheapest of the two types, and they're best for smaller areas such as decks, porches and sidewalks. This type of device is typically best for removing less than four inches of snow. They can be used in conjunction with larger snow removal devices, such as snow attachments for tractors, that might not fit on narrow walkways or smaller porches. Electric snow throwers, on the other hand, are much more powerful and capable of removing up to 10 inches of snow. The snow throwers have wheels and a chute that will throw snow out of the way instead of pushing it forward. If there is no electricity to because of a storm, be sure to check out generators and other snow removal accessories that will ensure you have everything you need if a snowstorm hits. We also offer weather instruments that will help you predict when you'll need that snow removal equipment.

      Sears offers a variety of electric snowblowers to fit your home's needs as well as your budget. Popular brands include Joe Blow, Power Smart, Toro, Greenworks and more. If you're looking for a smaller electric snowblower, the Greenworks 7 amp Electric Snow Thrower might be the way to go. The device is energy efficient and holds an extension cord securely in place for safety. If you're looking to remove heavier snow, the Snow Joe Electric Snow Thrower with Headlight can remove up to 650 pounds of snow per minute. So whether you're looking for something light for smaller snow removal jobs, or something heavy for your driveway, Sears has a variety of options of electric snowblowers.


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