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      Sears offers snowblowers to manage any weather

      Shoveling snow by hand can quickly become obsolete when there are hundreds of different types of snowblowers that will fit the needs of your home or business. Using a snowblower instead of manual shoveling can both save time and ensure all the snow is properly removed and distributed so snow banks don't pile in your yard. Whether you're looking for a small, easy-to-store electric snowblower to remove light snow from a walkway or porch, or a heavy-duty gas snowblower that can make removing several feet of snow a breeze, Sears has the selection of brands and styles you need to choose the right snowblower. Sears also has all the snow removal accessories you'd need to go along with it, such as wheels, parts and engine oil. We also have accessories for smaller falls that don't need the power of a snowblower, such as shovels, ice melt and bare ground sprayers. Snow plow accessories can help you turn your ride-on lawn tractor into a plow that can quickly push large amounts of snow out of the way. Weather instruments can help you predict snowstorms, be alert to severe snowstorms and measure the amount of snow that falls. During those harsh winters or snow storms, you'll need quick access to your snow blower. Make sure to move your snow blower from your outdoor storage sheds to the garage, so you're not stuck shoveling because you can't get to your snow blower.

      Choosing the right snowblower depends on a number of factors, including how much snow you'll be removing, how big the areas you'll be removing it from are and whether you live in snow- and ice-inclined areas. Gas snowblowers have powerful, self-propelled engines that pull in snow and toss it out a chute. Having a gas snowblower is ideal for those who live in climates that tend to get heavy snowfall, or for those who live in rural areas or have long driveways. Sears has models by popular brands that can clear up to 45 inches of snow. Some are push-propelled, while others are auger driven. So whether you're simply planning to clear your driveway when it snows, or clear an entire parking lot, we offer a variety of gas snowblowers that will fit your budget and snow removal needs.

      Electric snowblowers, on the other hand, are typically used for lighter snow. They are quick, dependable snow removal tools that are a less-expensive option. Most units typically weigh less than 15 pounds and are best for removing snow from any area with less than 10 inches of snow. There are two different types of electric snowblowers: the electric snow shovel and electric snow throwers. Electric snow shovels are the lightest and cheapest of the two types, and they're best for smaller areas such as decks, porches and sidewalks. This type of device is typically best for removing less than four inches of snow. Electric snow throwers, on the other hand, are much more powerful and capable of removing up to 10 inches of snow. The snow throwers have wheels and a chute that will throw snow out of the way instead of pushing it forward. Sears offers a variety of different gas and electric snowblowers that are sure to fit you and your family's snow removal needs.


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