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      Ice melt products ensure safety, traction

      Are you fed up with having to walk extra carefully in your driveway and on your front steps when it's icy? Are you sick of having to get up early to manually scrape ice off your car in freezing temperatures so you can make it to work on time? Sears offers hundreds of different kinds of ice melt products that will make your life easier in bad weather. Whether you're a homeowner or a business owner, you have a responsibility to keep your family and customers safe. Snow and ice can create a hazard on the roadways, sidewalks, parking lots, entryways and walkways. Stock up today before you wake up to an icy winter wonderland so you'll have the products you need when the temperatures drop.

      Sears offers a variety of ice melt pellets and salt that come in different sized bags and buckets, depending on how much area you need to cover. High-purity calcium chloride pellets melt ice at lower temperatures and begin the melting process on contact. Salt pellets, which are typically made of sodium chloride, are another ice melt option that work similar to calcium chloride pellets. We also offer ice melt that is safe for pets, as well as some that are all-around safe for the environment. Because salt water freezes at a lower temperature than regular water, putting salt on the ground before ice forms can be useful as long as the temperatures aren't extreme. Many of these solid ice melt products can be put in snow attachments for tractors, such as salt spreaders, and distributed evenly around your property.

      We also offer various de-icing options for surfaces other than the ground. Ice that forms on your rooftop and gutters can often be a danger. If there is a lot of snow and then it rains or melts, but then temperatures drop, heavy sheets of ice can form. With enough heft, ice could slip off and hurt someone, or cause the roof to collapse. Sears offers a variety of deicers that are safe for your roof and gutters. We also offer non-skid spray for your shoes, ice melt for your car and liquid ice melt solutions. Heated traction mats and heated rubber treads can help you move your vehicle in icy conditions. The mats use electricity to heat up, so you can melt snow around your vehicle or place it under the tire to get traction and move forward.

      Sears also offers a variety of weather instruments that help you prepare for snowy or icy weather. Digital desktop weather stations provide convenient, dependable weather forecasts instantly. Keep up with the humidity, barometric pressure, temperature and potential for snow, ice and other storms with these handy devices that come in all shapes, sizes and styles. Having an outdoor thermometer to let you know when temperatures start to approach freezing allows you to properly prepare. So whether you're looking for a small de-icing liquid for your car, or top-notch ice melt pellets that work instantly, Sears has everything you need to combat the ice.


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