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      Snow plows remove snow quickly from large areas

      Shoveling snow by hand can be miserable, especially if you have a long or hilly driveway, or the snow is particularly wet and heavy. And if you have to maintain a lot of land or regularly clear a large parking lot for your business, a snow plow is likely the fastest, most convenient way to get the job done. Sears offers snow plows in a variety of sizes that will fit on the front of your vehicle or your lawn tractor. Most plows have angled blades that push aside accumulated snow as you drive, so you won't need to waste time stopping to empty it out.

      Since tractors are made for driving over rough terrain, snow plow attachments for your lawn tractor give you the ability to clear large amounts of snow on your property whether it's paved or not. The snow removal blade can turn a tractor into a simple plow by either pushing it out of the war or lifting it and dumping it. Blades are less expensive than attachments for your vehicle, but can still combat heavy snow removal. We also offer wheel weights to balance the weight on the back of the tractor with the attachment. Tractor plows can also be used as a light bulldozer for spreading mulch, gravel or sand when the snow melts. Plows that fit on your truck or utility vehicle can clear the most amount of snow the quickest, and they can be attached to or detached from your vehicle without damaging it. Snow plows for your vehicle are also efficient because you can drive to where snow needs to be plowed instead of having to transport a lawn tractor or remove the attachment to transport it.

      If your plow is too big to remove snow from smaller driveways, walkways and sidewalks, consider a snowblower to complement your plow. Using a snowblower instead of manual shoveling can both save time and ensure all the snow is properly removed. Whether you're looking for a small, easy-to-store electric snowblower to remove light snow from a walkway or porch, or a heavy-duty gas snowblower that can make removing several feet of snow a breeze, Sears has the selection of brands and styles you need to choose the right snowblower. Even though your snow removal devices are equipped get the bulk of snow out of the way, there is still often a layer of ice, snow or water that can freeze and become dangerous. A salt spreader will allow you eliminate some of that risk after you've removed the snow. We also offer a variety of ice melt pellets and salt for your salt spreader that come in different sized bags and buckets, depending on how much area you have to cover. So whether you need a plow for a large area, or a small, handheld salt spreader for your walkway, Sears has everything you need to help melt and remove snow this season.


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