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Snow Removal Equipment

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Electric 4-Way Chute Control


Check out the Craftsman 357cc 30” Dual Stage Snow Blower. It has effortless chute control to blast snow in any direction with the simple move of a joystick. It’s innovative. It’s easy to use. It’s Craftsman. Trust in your hands.


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Shop for snow blowers and other snow removal equipment at Sears

Having the proper snow removal equipment can mean the difference between spending hours in the cold or getting snow cleared away quickly and efficiently. The magic of winter brings outdoor holiday decor, family gatherings and the frequent task of shoveling and spreading salt. Overnight snowfalls can require early morning shoveling so you can get out of the driveway. Speed up the process of snow removal with snow blowers from Sears. Shop a selection of snow throwers with models that suit any driveway and lifestyle. Along with snow blowers, you'll find the shovels, salt spreaders and all the other snow equipment you need to keep your walkways free of snow and ice.

It's always better to be prepared with the right equipment than be left empty-handed in a snow storm. Gear up with shovels, snow blowers and salt spreaders to keep your driveway free of ice and snow. Sears' selection of snow removal gear also includes winter accessories for lawn tractors. Find snow plow attachments for your tractor and shelters to keep it safely stored.

When it comes to handling snow throughout the season, the right equipment makes all the difference. Sears' selection of snow removal gear has snow blowers, shovels and all the other must-have accessories to keep the snow from piling up around your yard.