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      Dig the perfect hole every time with auger bits

      Digging post holes or tree holes is a breeze with your new auger from Sears, and adding a variety of auger bits can help improve your experience greatly. You might not think of your auger as one of the traditional garden power tools because it doesn't seem as versatile as your other tools, with their combination attachments and tiller attachments. However, different auger bits can transform your auger from a simple post hole digger to a tools that helps with much more of your excavation and digging needs. While you might think that all bits are created equal, different sizes are incredibly useful for many different purposes. Sears sells auger bits in a variety of sizes, ensuring you will get the perfect hole every time.

      As you are setting up the perfect garden space, you likely will need to place several different holes in your yard. The most common use for augers is to dig post holes for fences, which typically require auger bits around four to six inches wide. However, you may find that you need a larger auger bit depending on the types of posts you want installed. Sears carries any auger bit you need to dig a deep and straight post hole.

      You may also need an auger to help you place some shrubs and hedges. While the roots for these plants may not need to be buried several feet underground, it can still be backbreaking to dig a hole for them by hand. Sears sells auger bits ranging from two inches to fourteen inches that should be able to accommodate garden plants of any size. In fact, you may be able to utilize the smaller two-inch auger bit as a planting assistant for your flower bulbs and other small plants. Mini-tillers are great for loosening up soil, but the small auger bit will help you get the proper depth you need for planting those tender flower bulbs.

      Your auger can handle the large plants as well, with a large auger bit in the twelve-to-fourteen inch range. These bits can help you dig deeper, wider holes for larger plants such as trees. While the auger bits may not dig a hole as wide as your tree roots, they will certainly help you get to your desired depth, minimizing the toll on your back during the planting process. Sears sells large auger bits that are perfect for planting trees or digging other wide holes for a variety of yard features.

      With augers from trusted brands such as Earthquake and Stihl, Sears is the place to shop for all of your excavation needs. Start with a great one-man auger, or call a buddy over and work together with a two-man auger. Whatever you choose, remember that Sears can help you find the perfect size auger bit for any of your lawn and garden digging needs, from planting holes to aeration.


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