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      Get perfectly usable soil every time with front tine tillers from Sears

      The first step in preparing your garden for planting season is to get the soil ready for all of the new plants that will soon be putting down roots. While there are many ways to get great soil, front tine tillers from Sears are a great start. Whether you hop in to buy a complete tiller or you are just looking for tiller attachments, you know that you are getting all the right supplies to get your soil and garden off to the right start this planting season. Fertilizer, chemicals and weed killer can help your garden grow, but great soil can help all of your plants get the best start possible. A front tine tiller from Sears loosens your soil perfectly, giving your garden oxygen and plenty of flexibility to plant whatever your heart desires.

      Front tine tillers are easy to push because they tines rest in front of the motor, working with the motion of the wheels to propel your machine forward and gently loosen dirt and topsoil for garden preparation. Plus, the space between the tines and the back of the machine helps to keep splatters and kickback from covering you from head to toe. Of course, Sears also offers tiller attachments for your garden power tools, lawn tractor and riding mower, so that you can use the power of tools you already have to push those tines. These tiller attachments usually fit right in front of your existing machine, but sometimes they are offered as a drag-behind option. Less dirt will get kicked up by front tine tillers, and you won't have to worry about getting bogged down in muddy zones with an engine to push you forward.

      Another tiller attachment option is one that works with your trimmer motor. Some brands of trimmers and other garden power tools offer the versatility of switching out different tools in order to utilize one motor for several different purposes. While you may have to buy this tiller option as part of a combo set or you may be limited to certain brands like Craftsman or Ryobi you will get the same benefits of front-tine tilling as you keep the motor working in tandem with the tines.

      In addition to purchasing your front tine tiller machine at Sears, you should also consider keeping replacement parts and maintenance items handy so that repairs won't have to involve an extra excursion. Replacement tines, digging tines and engine maintenance items are all just a few steps or clicks away with Sears. Imagine being able to simply grab what you need off a shelf in your tool shed in order to make a quick repair or top off your oil.

      A front tine tiller works well in combination with other powerful garden tools. One-man augers with the right auger bits from Sears can help you work deeper in the soil, whether you need to dig a spot for the new maple tree or place the perfect post for the garden fence. No matter what machine you need to work your land, Sears is here to help. Let us find you a durable and effective machine that ensures your garden will be beautiful and productive all season long.


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