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      One-man augers help you dig holes without the backache

      You probably already know that post hole diggers can be tough to use, but you might not have considered that even two-person augers can take a considerable amount of effort to manage. You still have to place and control the auger, which can be a bit cumbersome for one person. Luckily, Sears carries powerful one-man augers that give you the power and control you need to get your post and tree holes dug without having to call over half the neighborhood to assist you.

      As you are getting ready for planting season, you have probably already gotten everything you need to prepare your topsoil; mini-tillers, front tine tillers and tiller attachments. Tillers do a great job aerating soil and mixing it up in preparation for planting, but they don't dig deep enough to plant bulbs, bushes and trees. A one-man auger can handle tiny two inch holes that are great for planting the small stuff, as well as the larger holes you need to plant a new conifer or set a sturdy post hole.

      One-man augers are not just limited to gardening uses, however. They can help you place anything in your dirt, like your mailbox. With a one-man auger, you can dig a hole deep enough that will keep your mailbox planted firmly in the ground, no matter what the weather. Likewise, you can use your one-man auger to help set supports for a new deck or a frame for your child's tree house. With a one-man auger from Sears, you can set fencing or start building anything your heart desires on a whim, without having to rely on other people to help you out.

      When you buy your one-man auger, make sure to invest in several auger bits of varying sizes. That way, you will have exactly what you need at your fingertips every time. Your auger owner's manual should tell you what auger bits will fit your machine so that you know what will work. Small, medium and large auger bits from Sears are each useful for a different purpose, and it is very handy to have one of each. Being prepared means you won't have to stop your project for another trip to the store every time you want to dig a slightly different size hole.

      Outdoor living spaces are a breeze with Sears, where you can find all the tools you need to build and decorate your deck, patio or outdoor reading nook. Start by digging holes with your auger, then finish with a trip to our lawn and patio department to find tables, chairs and grills to outfit your beautiful new space.


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