Two Man Augers

Two-man augers can make quick work of all the digging you need to do in your backyard. Whether you are making holes for fence posts, a tree house or a brand new deck, you can use the power of a machine to dig through the toughest dirt, clay and gravel. Tractor cultivators are great for gardening, but when you need something that can dig deep into the earth, an auger will do the trick. So buddy up with a friend to get the job done and stop by Sears to browse a great selection of affordable lawn equipment that will make quick work of any tough lawn and garden project.

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Dig post holes in no time at all with two-man augers

Whether you're building a new fence, laying out a new deck or just installing the stilts for a sweet tree house, you're going to have to dig a lot of deep holes. Moving topsoil can be fairly easy, but the deeper you go, the harder it gets. Why not put a little power on your side with a two-man auger? Two-man augers dig holes quickly and without tearing up your back. Just like a lawn rake attachment can take the hard work out of digging up roots, so can a two-man auger dig your holes quickly so you can get to the serious construction part of your projects. Auger bits spiral down into the dirt, helping you displace it quickly and efficiently so that you can place your posts or deck supports sooner.

Two-man augers generally come in one of two varieties: a motor supported by two curved handles, one on each side or four bars extending out from each corner of the motor. For an auger with two handles, you and your buddy stand on either side of the motor and grab onto the straight part of the bar in front of you, guiding the auger up and down with both hands on the single bar. For the four-handled versions, you and your buddy stand on either side of the motor with one hand on each bar to your left and your right. Some people prefer the ergonomic design of the two-handled variety while others like the power and control that comes with the hands being placed farther apart from one another.

Two-man augers can be much easier to use than one man augers, since you don't have to bear the entire weight of the motor yourself. Plus, an additional person can help make sure you're digging your hole straight. As you move your auger in and out of the ground, you'll find that it cuts through brush and dirt with the same ease that aerators and dethatchers work your lawn. You'll easily push through heavy soil, clay and small rocks, mincing even the toughest substances like mulch kits. If you need to dig bigger, deeper holes, it doesn't hurt to have an auger, and it certainly doesn't hurt to have an extra pair of hands guiding that auger straight and true.

The days of arduous post hole digging are over when you use powerful and dependable two-man augers from Sears. They are strong enough for the toughest ground but simple enough for any handyman to use. Whether you just need to dig a couple holes to plant some trees or you have a large fence to build, these heavy-duty tools will get the job done in no time at all!


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