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Tillers, Cultivators & Augers

Find a tiller for your gardening needs

When it comes to caring for your yard, using a tiller or cultivator can help your soil get the oxygen and fertilizer it needs to grow healthy plants. If you have a smaller yard, use the cultivator to prep the area around fencing and in garden beds. Augers allow you to dig up and move large bushes or fence posts around your yard. Sears' selection of tillers, cultivators and augers make it easy for you to find the equipment you need to create your dream garden.

Larger yards call for rototillers to properly cultivate the space. Garden tillers easily glide over your soil as you push it along the yard. Your tiller is an essential piece of equipment to have in your shed, especially in the early springtime when you're starting to plant your garden. Sears' selection of tillers includes both manual and motor-powered tillers to push through the soil. Motorized tillers may make more sense for homeowners with large yards who have more ground to cover. With these machines, you'll be able to tackle the task quickly and efficiently.

Whether you're in need of an auger, tiller or cultivator you'll find the perfect lawn and garden equipment for your yard. Sears has the right tiller for your yard so you can get a great start on a great-looking garden this spring.