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      Increase the health of your yard with high quality aerators and dethatchers from Sears

      Aerators and dethatchers are the perfect addition to your lawn care routine. While you likely used a tiller, lawn roller and various miscellaneous tractor attachments to prepare your lawn and plant your grass seed, that should not be the end of your lawn maintenance routine. You may already apply fertilizer and weed control solutions to your lawn, but the health of your lawn goes beyond chemical applications. Your grass needs oxygen both around the growth and in the earth. Dethatchers help clear up brush and excess dead matter from around your grasses, allowing more sunlight and oxygen to reach the plant. Aerators help increase oxygen and water to the roots of your grass, and encourage the helpful work of earthworms and the growth of natural flora.

      Sears sells a variety of aerators and dethatchers to fit any garden needs. Dethatchers typically are rolling devices with thin tines that help lift dead matter up like a comb. Essentially, you are detangling your yard with the thin spines. Your dethatcher can be a simple rolling device that you push yourself, or you can attach it to other tools or your riding mower to add some speed and power to the process. Likewise, aerators come in both push devices and as attachments. Unlike dethatchers, aerators use large tines to poke holes down in the dirt. Sears sells both spike and core aerators. Spike aerators punch holes in the dirt with a solid tine, while core aerators pull out a small cylindrical bit of dirt and drop it on the surface. The clump of dirt helps to break up thatch on the surface, and your aeration will last longer since a larger and more permanent hole is made in the dirt. It also helps bring small amounts of nutrient-rich lower soil to your topsoil, without going through the hassle of tilling.

      The health of your lawn is dependent on many tools. In addition, many lawn tools can also be used to help you control unwanted growth in your garden or manage the yard waste that occurs naturally over time or after a bout of rough weather. To make your job easier, look for lawn care tools will attach to items you already own. You may be able to find tillers and cultivators that work with your existing trimmer motor. Similarly, you can find dethatchers and aerators that are easily pushed or pulled by your lawn tractor, which makes tackling the back 40 a breeze. Whether you need to plant extra trees with two-man augers, remove leaves after a season change or throw a little extra fertilizer on the top, you are sure to find the perfect tools and supplies to promote healthy lawn growth at Sears.


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