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      Tidy up your lawn with ease when you use bagger attachments

      Whether you're mowing the grass or chipping up brush, debris collection can sometimes be a bit of a bother. You want to let organic matter recycle back into the soil, but you don't want large amounts of thatch to choke out any growth. Instead of raking the clippings with a lawn rake attachment or scooping up the twigs with riding mower scoops, you can simply shoot them directly into a bag for quick and easy disposal, crossing one more chore off of your lawn care list. A bagger attachment for your lawn tractor should be just the thing you need to simplify your lawn routine.

      Sears sells lawn tractor or riding mower bagger attachments that attach directly to your mower and use the mower power to propel clippings into the bag. Simple attachments don't require extra power or tools in order to collect all of your lawn trimmings. If you have tall or thick grasses, this is a great alternative to letting the clippings rest in your yard and creating thatch. While you might not mind de-thatching later in the season, collecting your trimmings will certainly save you some effort down the road. Plus, less thatch means fewer burn-out spots on your beautiful lawn, which means you can spend more time enjoying your yard and less time tending to it.

      Bagger attachments from Sears come in different styles and sizes to fit any lawn care need. Plastic bagger attachments are durable, waterproof and can be changed out inexpensively when they begin to show signs of wear. Plus, they're easy to clean since all you need to do is wipe them down with a damp cloth. Rip-stop nylon bags are another durable and easy-to-clean option for bagger attachments. Many lawn equipment storage bags are made from rip-stop, which is water-resistant and very tough. Other types of cloth bags are usually pretty durable, but may stain or wear out more quickly if they don't have water-resistant features. So choose a high-quality fabric that will literally weather the storms and stand the test of time.

      Your lawn debris output will determine the size of bagger attachment you need. If you have a relatively small yard that only produces grass clippings, then you'll only need a single bag attachment. However, you can find attachments from brand names like Briggs and Stratton or Craftsman at Sears that come in two or three bag options. If you have a vacuum or chipper attachment on your lawn tractor, you may be able to purchase a large bagger attachment that connects directly to your mulcher or chipper, saving you the trouble of emptying out three smaller bags. Let your lawn needs help you decide if a bagger attachment alone will be enough to do the job, or if you should invest in a chipper with a bagger attachment to make sure all your debris is removed with ease.

      Sears has all the lawn and garden care tools you need, from shovels and rakes to riding mowers and bagger attachments. Browse a great selection of bagger attachments and bags that will help you collect and re-distribute your clippings in record time.


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