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      Chipper Vacs Save Time and Effort Removing Tree Debris

      A parcel of property full of stately pines, oaks and maples usually means a yard full of acorns, pinecones, twigs and pine needles. Nothing makes quicker work of the pick up process than a Craftsman or Agri-Fab chipper/vacuum from Sears. Make fewer stops with this powerful 80 MPH vacuum and large capacity cart that picks up and holds more than a three-bin bagger. A hitch pin is included to attach the single point tow hitch of the unit to the hitch system on your lawn tractor or utility vehicle.

      The chipping and chopping action of the chipper/vacuum unit gives the added benefit of mulch making capabilities. Branches and small limbs are cut up and chipped into two inch diameter pieces. A removable rear door or retractable top make the unloading process quick and convenient while an elongated axle gives stability and durability. The hard top design reduces dust and flying particles.

      The Craftsman vacuum hose attachment for the chipper/vacuum makes a breeze out of cleaning acorns, leaves and small debris from gutters, window wells and other tight fitting spaces. The hose is 12 feet in length and five inches in diameter. Easily attachable to the chipper/vacuum unit, an adapter and clamps are included for easy installation.

      For fast and effective pruning and cutting of trees and brush in your yard, trust the names of Husqvarna, Poulan, Hitachi and Craftsman to provide a quality chain saw. Reduced vibration technology makes the task less tiresome and a powerful 33cc, 44cc or 55cc engine makes quick work of trees, limbs and brush. Scoop up the small twigs and debris left behind with the chipper/vacuum for a perfectly groomed yard. With sizes ranging between 14 and 18 inches, you're bound to find the perfect chain saw for your yard and garden needs.

      Keep your chain saw running like new with a bar and chain lubricant. The oil lubricant reduces friction to extend the life of the product and can be used on both gas and electric chain saws.

      You can trust the quality products and services from Sears for all of your lawn and garden needs.


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