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Tractor filters keep the engine performing at its best

Sears knows you demand a lot from your lawn tractor. That's why it also provides what you need for tune-ups and maintenance. If you use the tractor all year long, set a time once a year to perform maintenance. If you only use the tractor during mowing and gardening season, you need to winterize it. Purchase a tractor lift and you'll have easy access to winterize it and performance regular maintenance. Add a Hopkins Less Mess Oil Drain in your shopping cart and you'll not only have a container to catch the used oil, but you'll also have a place to put used filters.

We carry a number of oil, fuel and air filters. Follow the tractor manufacturer's guidelines to know when to change the different filters. However, it also helps to check your tractor's filters periodically. If you use it often and tackle big lawn and garden chores, you may have to change the filters more frequently than the manufacturer suggests. For convenience, keep a few new filters on hand in your shed or garage. Since Sears cares about the environment, we urge you to properly dispose of the used oil and filters so they don't contaminate ground soil. Check with your local government officials to find out where to take hazardous waste.

If you don't use your tractor all year long, winterize it. Drain the gas. Drain and replace the oil. In the spring before you use the tractor for the first time, fill up the oil reservoir and change the air, fuel and oil filters. While you're at it, replace your tractor's spark plugs. Save yourself some aggravation and do it while you're performing regular maintenance so your lawn tractor won't breakdown during the middle of the mowing season. Check the tractor belts. Look for cracks and tears. Again, you'll save yourself some aggravation by changing any worn belts before they break.

If you need replacement tractor blades, we have them. To make sure the blades make a clean cut, sharpen them at the beginning of the season and then monthly. They need to be butter knife sharp, not razor sharp. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to install the new blades properly; otherwise, you could damage the tractor. We also carry mulching blades. They cut and re-cut the grass so the clippings are small particles that enrich your yard.

Lawn tractors are built to be workhorses. Add a few attachments and you'll create a multi-tasking machine. Then you can use the tractor to aerate your lawn and garden, remove unwanted thatch, till and plow the soil for the garden, cultivate the soil, spread fertilizer, haul dirt, sand and debris, and clear away snow and ice. With the proper maintenance, and some products from Sears, your tractor will last for years.

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