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      Tractor hitches make your tractor a multi-purpose machine

      It only takes a few minutes to install a hitch on a tractor or ATV and then you can use a number of attachments. Being able to use attachments with the tractor saves you from having to buy several pieces of equipment, which saves you money and storage space.

      You'll want heavy-duty steel construction for most jobs, and you can rest assured that those sold by Sears offer the strength you'll need. And when you have a big job to do, we have extra-strength hitch pins you can buy. No more pins snapping when you're counting on them the most.

      With a hitch attached to your tractor, you're ready to add a variety of attachments to help you tackle any lawn and garden project. Tractor carts come in handy when you have a lot of materials and tools to get from Point A to Point B, whether that's fertilizer to the garden, pavers for the patio or fallen tree branches to the compost pile after you run them through the wood chipper.

      The attachments will turn your lawn tractor into a valuable piece of equipment all year long. You'll have a bountiful harvest come autumn after using a tiller, plow, cultivator and spreader in the spring and the summer. You can use dethatchers and aerators during mowing season. A lawn roller will provide you with an even surface, which means even cutting when mowing. With the chipper/vac, you don't have to worry about raking up leaves, grass, pine needles and cones, acorns and other debris. They're whisked away and into the collector, which has more capacity than a three-bin bagger. Its retractable top makes it easy to unload to place the items in the compost pile.

      In autumn, you can gather enough firewood to last you through spring by hauling split logs in a trailer or cart. Come winter, you'll love being in the comfort of a tractor cab while using the snow blower attachment to clear the driveway. And all year long tractor bumpers will keep you from damaging the hood, grill and headlights; repairs can be costly and you'll get behind in your lawn and garden while they're being made.

      Sears not only provides the items you need to get the job done, but to be comfortable in the process. Tractor gear covers will keep water, bird droppings and other debris off the tractor. A sun shade will protect you from the heat of the summer sun. Armrests allow you to be more comfortable while operating the tractor. We provide a variety of attachments because we know you have a lot of jobs to do to take care of your lawn and garden.


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