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      Lawn tractor lifts make it easy to perform routine maintenance

      Owning a lawn tractor has many of the same maintenance demands that a car does. Oil needs to be changed, belts need to be inspected and occasionally you need to hoist your tractor up to get a look underneath. When that happens, however, few people want to send the tractor in to a mechanic, so save yourself some struggle and backache by purchasing a lawn tractor lift.

      When it's time to change your tractor's oil, you'll appreciate having a tractor lift. Designed specifically for a variety of lawn mowers and tractors, it's safer than other devices, such as blocks or car ramps. High-quality materials and careful building makes it sturdy and reliable for years of use. When you're dealing with heavy equipment that has sharp blades, there is no room for error, so choose a lift that keeps you as safe as possible.

      Most lift can be raised with one hand or a power drill, making it easy to use. It has a safety-lock pin system and secure screw jack. That means no worrying about slipping or accidents while working on your tractor. Tight space in your garage? No worries. Most lifts don't take up a lot of room. It easily folds flat for storage tucked in behind your tractor or in a shed when you don't need it underfoot.

      Once you have your jack, you can make easy work of changing out tractor belts and blades. Wrench out a stubborn branch or clean off buildup as easy as pie. Don't waste energy trying to shimmy under your tractor to sharpen a blade. A better working space means fewer scratched elbows and less frustration when you just can't get the angle you want. You will have the sharpest tractor blades on the block. With a lift, you can also head off maintenance problems before they begin. When you have a lift, it's no problem to quickly hoist it up and catch belts before they become worn and dislodge any buildup that can hamstring your equipment if left unattended.

      When it comes time to change the oil, use the Hopkins Less Mess Oil Drain. The oil drains into the pan and there's space for used oil, gas and air filters, too. Each tractor manufacturer provides guidelines as to when to change the oil and filters. However, Sears recommends that you regularly check the oil and filters if you use the tractor year-round because they may need changed more often. Like Sears, we're sure you care about the environment. So remember to dispose of the used oil and filters properly so they don't contaminate ground soil. Most communities have hazardous waste disposal sites.

      When you're looking for equipment to help your lawn and garden thrive, trust Sears to have the supplies and knowledge you need to get the job done. From mowers to hand trowel, we will help you find the perfect tool for the job ahead.


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