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      Riding mower scoops allow you to tackle a number of projects

      Turn your lawn tractor into another machine by attaching a scoop on the front. Some are referred to as utility buckets. Whatever the name, you'll find a number of uses for the attachment. It's great for hauling the materials you need for your lawn and garden.

      Installation is easy. And the mounting brackets won't interfere with your mowing, so there's no need to remove it when trimming the grass. However, after installing the mounting brackets, you'll be able to remove the scoop when needed and put it back on without tools. Two handles allow you to lower the scoop and dump materials comfortably from your seat. Sears cares about your safety. To keep you safe, we recommend you add chains to the wheels and wheel weights to give you extra traction.

      Use the bucket to scoop up sand. Then haul it over to the patio and dump it on the soil you've prepared for pavers. Place the pavers and then tamp them down into the sand and you've completed a DIY project in no time flat. Scoop up a couple hundred pounds of mulch in a matter of minutes. Drive around your property to place a pile around each tree. Whether you choose our single- or dual-bar or brush bumpers, make sure you have tractor bumpers to protect the hood, headlights and grill when you're maneuvering around those trees. After doing some excavating to deal with a drainage problem, scoop up the dirt and redistribute the loose soil to another spot on your property. Toss bags of fertilizer into the scoop and head to the garden to prepare it for planting. Heavy rains wash away some of the gravel in your driveway? Use the scoop to dump some along that area.

      You can use the scoop in conjunction with rear-mounted attachments, such as tractor sprayers. Put bags of grass seed in the scoop. Then use the spreader to distribute the grass seed over your lawn to make it thick and healthy. Put bottles of liquid fertilizer in the scoop and head to the garden. Use the tractor sprayer to dispense it so you'll vegetables will have rich soil in which to grow.

      We offer a number of miscellaneous tractor attachments to keep your tractor in tip-top shape and to make it easy and comfortable to use. We have everything you need to perform regular maintenance, such as oil changes. We have gear covers to keep moisture and debris off the tractor so you can climb on and go no matter what the weather. The tractor steering knob attaches to the wheel and allows you to control the machine with one hand. And if you want to add a little bit of style to the tractor, Sears offers a wide variety of wheel covers. Anything you need is at your fingertips with a simple click of the mouse.


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