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Use your lawn tractor to its fullest with miscellaneous tractor attachments

In addition to Sears' variety of quality lawn tractors, we also stock attachments to help you manage any backyard task. Our attachments make it easier for you to tackle the jobs you need to without buying a ton of pieces of standalone equipment. We have attachments to keep you safe while working or for your comfort while slogging through your Sunday assignments.

Sears offers many ground-engaging attachments that mount to the sleeve hitch, including the box scraper/leveling blade, rear-mount dethatcher and hitch disc cultivator. Add the Craftsman Electric Assist Kit, and you can raise and lower all of those attachments with the simple flip of a switch mounted on the lawn tractor dashboard. It comes with the mounting and wiring hardware you need. And since it's made by Craftsman, America's most trusted brand, you know it's built to last.

One of the most popular uses for lawn tractors is removing snow in the winter. Among the miscellaneous attachments you'll find a tractor cab, which offers protection from the wind, sleet and snow. Installation of the steel tube frame is quick and easy. The frame is corrosion-resistant, so you don't have to worry about it rusting. The plastic windshield allows you to see from all directions. Since it's tear-resistant, you don't have to be concerned about chunks of packed snow or ice flying up and damaging it.

With a tractor cab, you stay warm and dry. The snow blower attachment will help you make quick work of snow removal. But when the snow is wet and heavy, or there's a large snowfall, Sears recommends a 50-pound weight kit. A little extra heft can really help with traction, so a weight kit will give you more grab as you plow. The weight bracket is easy to attach. Sears also offers tire chains to help dig through those thick snows and icy spots.

To help you see and be seen better, Sears offers light kits. Craftsman offers a snow thrower/mower LED light. It has an adjustable, pivoting swivel bracket, making it a multi-purpose attachment. It's quick and easy to install and just takes four AA batteries to operate it. Since it's vibration-resistant, you can use it no matter what the weather, even in extreme cold or heat.

You'll want to check out Craftsman's vacuum hose as well. It works with any Craftsman vac system. Use it to remove leaves, grass clippings, pine needles, acorns and other debris from around landscaping, window wells or near your house and garage. The long 12' hose will help you cover a good expanse of ground at each pass, and with a 5" diameter, you can pick up a lot at a time.

Another member of the vacuum family, lawn sweepers come in handy when cleaning up your lawn. They will help you pick up grass clippings, so the debris doesn't build up on the lawn, causing thatch. And if you empty the bag into the compost pile, you'll have nutrient-rich material for your garden while helping save the environment. With chipper vacs, you can sweep up clippings, dead leaves and tree branches and twigs and chop them into small particles. We have ATV attachments, as well. When you're looking to add to your lawn tractor, trust Sears to have the right tools to get the job done.


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