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      Mulch kits help your lawn look lush

      In the past, if you wanted a perfect lawn, you had to coat your yard with fertilizer chemicals while spending hours mowing and raking and mowing and raking. Now, smart homeowners are going back to nature to do the same job with much less effort. The key is mulching: taking the nutrients from the very grass you're cutting off to put right back into your lawn. What used to be the leftovers have become a key part to having the yard you've always wanted.

      Mulching is a simple process. While other lawn mowers would simply chop the grass blades off at a certain height, mulching lawn tractor blades will keep circulating those pieces until they are tiny pieces. Those are dropped right back down onto the lawn. These pieces are small enough to break down quickly and easily. That means that, instead of becoming a mess of thatch, the leftovers go right to work giving nutrients to your lawn. Just like your tractor tiller can turn a garden full of weeds into an asset, your mulching lawnmower takes a problem and makes it a positive.

      One of the other benefits of adding a mulch kit to your lawn tractor is the ease of cleanup. That's because there is no cleanup. All the grass is used, which means there's no raking and bagging trimmings and no emptying bagger attachments. You can spend more time enjoying your weekend and less time fussing over a thankless task.

      Worried about buying something that only gets summer use? Pull your tractor out in the fall and you can use your new mulching kit to make your leaves history. Your tractor can now chop up leaves just as easily as grass. This also leaves an extra supply of nutrients on your lawn to keep it healthy through a long, cold winter.

      The mulch kit is just one of many attachments and accessories Sears sells to help you turn big jobs into manageable ones. Our lawn rollers can attach to your lawn tractor to give you a manicured look. So whether you have uneven ground from moles or frost heaving, a lawn roller will help you have a flat, even yard again.

      With a lawn rake attachment, you can use your tractor to tackle a number of otherwise backbreaking work, such as grading, leveling and working soil, sand and rock. You can raise and lower it as needed to be sure to only grab the things you need without damaging your ground coverage. It's a backache-free way to remove last year's now-dead plants and other debris from your garden if you aren't planning to till. The tines are heat-treated and steel, which means they can take a workout and still keep their shape.

      With trusted brands such as Craftsman and Husqvarna, trust Sears to get you the right tools you need to tackle the task ahead.


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