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      Lawn rollers, rakes and levelers make for a healthy, manicured lawn

      Sears knows you need the right equipment to take care of your lawn and garden, so we provide a wide selection of mowers and tractors with the brand names you trust at prices you can afford to tackle any size of yard and all terrains. Your lawn tractor is a workhorse, so put it to work. Check out the accessories and attachments Sears offers because there are a number of essential tools to put on your shopping list, such as a lawn roller.

      After some simple prep work to the ground, you can attach the roller to your tractor and quickly get the flat, even yard you want. You'll be able to cut the grass evenly when the yard is smooth, giving your lawn a professionally manicured look that'll be the envy of the neighborhood without having to hire a landscaper.

      If you're putting down grass seed or sod, a lawn roller eliminates air pockets and helps the seed and sod take root. After the gravel company drops off a load for your driveway, you can use the lawn roller to quickly smooth the gravel and spare yourself a lot of backbreaking work.

      Worried about the weight of a roller hanging around your garage, possibly damaging other equipment or passersby? Fear not. Most rollers are made to be filled with water, then drained once your day of work is done. That means the hundreds of pounds needed to roll your yard drops down to a few dozen for safe storage.

      The tools and equipment you find at Sears will help you get any job done, no matter how little or big. Putting up your fence may seem like quite a task, but it can be an easy DIY project with the help of two-man augers. Creating holes for the posts is quicker and easier with an auger than with shovels and hoes. And after you're done, you can use the lawn roller to level the dirt around the fence. It helps to use a landscaping rake in conjunction with the roller. Landscaping rakes work the soil so you don't have to, leveling dirt, sand and rocks, and removing debris.

      Speaking of debris, Sears sells lawn sweepers and ATV spreaders to help give your lawn a manicured look. Attaching a sweeper to your lawn tractor saves you from raking grass and other debris that, if left to build up, could create unwanted thatch that could damage your lawn. Multitask with an ATV spreader; you can spread seed and fertilizer on your garden or get water to places a garden hose can't reach.

      Sears has all the tools you need to take care of your lawn and garden so you can save time and money but have the yard of your dreams.


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