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      Keep a few spare tractor spark plugs on hand

      Spark plugs are essential for a combustion engine to work. After all, the spark plug provides the spark to ignite the fuel to create the combustion that makes the engine go. Sears carries a variety of sizes and brands of spark plugs, so we have what you need when you need it.

      You should replace the spark plugs in your lawn tractor once a year. When shopping, purchase a few for each piece of equipment you have. That way, you'll have one whenever you need one. You don't want to be in the middle of tilling the garden and have to stop working or stuck snowed into your house because your spark plug is shot.

      If you're not sure if you need a new spark plug, shop on our site for a spark plug wire tester. When replacing a spark plug, a spark plug socket wrench will come in handy, as will the spark plug gap gauge tool. It's important to make sure you have the right spark plug for your lawn tractor. Either keep the owner's manual close by or read the identifying information on the spark plug that you've already removed because it's no longer working.

      In addition to needing to replace spark plugs periodically, you'll need to change all your tractor filters: oil, fuel and air. Just as changing the oil regularly keeps sludge out of the tractor engine, replacing the filters regularly keeps dust, dirt and other debris out of the engine. When changing filters, you might find a few tools helpful. Sears carries several filter strap wrenches, swivel filter wrenches and filter pliers.

      Tractor belts need replaced periodically. We have many sizes of belts from trusted manufacturers, including Craftsman. If the tractor blades are dented or bent, they'll need replaced. We have heavy-duty blades, single blades, blade sets and blade kits. And you'll find mulching blades and kits as you shop on our website. If the blades are still in good shape, you can just sharpen them once before the lawn and garden season begins and then once a month after that. No sharpener? No problem. We have those, too.

      As you're performing regular maintenance, a lawn mower lift is a great tool to have. Not only does it make oil, filter and belt changes easier, but it also keeps you safer in the process. That's because they're designed with tractors in mind. Safety features include a safety-lock pin system and secure screw jack. The safety features will keep the tractor from slipping while you're working on it, eliminating accidents. It folds flat when not in use, so it doesn't take up a lot of room in your shed or garage.

      Lawn tractors are well worth the investment because with some simple attachments you can turn one machine into several. But to keep them running smoothly and efficiently, you have to perform regular maintenance. Turn to Sears for spark plugs, belts and blades for your tractor.


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