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      Tractor tillers work the soil so you don't have to

      Gardening is America's No. 1 hobby for a number of reasons. Grocery prices are rising and many people want food that's organic. Plus, it's estimated spending just $70 on planting vegetables will provide you with about $530 of produce. And where else can you get more than a 650 percent return on your investment these days?

      If you're starting a garden, you'll quickly realize the value of a tiller. You can either use a tiller or spend several backbreaking days digging and turning over dirt to transform the grass-covered ground from a plot of yard to a place to plant.

      Sears has a number of tiller attachments for your lawn tractor to help you get the job down in a few hours. We offer Craftsman, America's most trusted tool brand, and other quality brands of tillers. The Craftsman rear tiller, for example, attaches to the back of your tractor and works a 36-inch swath of soil, going up to 5.5 inches deep. If you need to dig deeper, check out the moldboard plow. The steel blade slices through sod and soil, creating an 8- to 10-inch furrow. Follow up by adding a cultivator hitch disc attachment to further break up clumps of dirt to create a smooth seedbed. Or you can use a box scraper. It's great for spreading and leveling topsoil. What you'll like most is that it's a multi-purpose tool that can be used year around. You can also use it when spreading and leveling gravel, grading, backfilling, and moving dirt, gravel, sand and snow. Another multi-purpose tractor attachment that you can use throughout the year is the rear blade. Use it for leveling dirt and sand, moving gravel and mulch, and clearing snow.

      Whether you're starting a garden or expanding one to grow even more food, the sleeve-hitch cultivator is just the tool you need in addition to a tiller. It'll not only loosen the soil around the many rows of plants, but it will also get rid of weeds. You'll appreciate that it's adjustable, allowing you to work 18 to 40 inches at a time.

      Aerators and dethatchers are essential to gardening. Dethatchers remove unwanted and potentially harmful grass clippings and leaves from your lawn. Remember to save the debris in your compost pile to enrich your garden soil. Aerators help your garden thrive by slicing through the soil so water and nutrients can get to the roots of the plants. ATV sprayers will allow you to water your garden if the hose doesn't reach. ATV spreaders will help you get organic or other fertilizer all over your garden in no time. If you want to put a fence around your garden to keep critters away from your vegetables, two-man augers will make quick work of the job. When someone asks you how your garden grows, say with a lot of help from Sears.


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