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      Tractor blades keep your lawn looking sharp

      Single grass blades are not known for being tough foes, but that doesn't mean you want to take your mower out with a dull blade. Sharp tractor blades will cut your grass cleanly, while dull blades will pull and tear the grass, leaving your lawn susceptible to disease. Sears knows you want to have as healthy and lush a lawn as you can. We provide you with a number of blades from trusted and respected brands, including Craftsman, to help you keep your lawn looking sharp.

      If the blades are bent or dented, you will want to check out replacement tractor blades. We offer a wide variety. Let Sears help you find the right blade for the right job. Check the owner's manual to find out what size of replacement blade to purchase. Usually, you buy blades based on the tractor manufacturer and the machine's deck size. There are also a few specialty options, such as mulching blades. If you want to mulch your grass, you need a mulching kit. Mulching blades cut and re-cut the grass so the clippings become small particles that enrich your yard.

      Sometimes you don't need to replace the blades; you just need to sharpen them. Sharpen them at the beginning of the mowing season and then once a month after that. You may think a blade needs to be razor sharp, but that isn't true. Lawn tractor blades should be about butter knife sharp. Once you make regular sharpenings part of your routine, don't forget to check your tractor's filters, oil and belts. Proper maintenance can stave off costly, time-consuming repairs.

      Sears cares about your safety, so be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions to install the new blades properly. The No. 1 safety rule is to make sure the engine cannot start while you're removing or attaching the blades. In addition to being a safety concern, improper blade installation could damage the tractor. Lawn tractor lifts can make maintenance a snap. These lifts, specially created for even zero-turn mowers, can give you the room and maneuverability you are looking for. No more skinned elbows as you try to sharpen your tractor blades! They are also safer to use than ramps or blocks; and when you're dealing with heavy equipment and sharp blades, there is no room for error.

      Sears offers a great array of attachments for all your lawn and garden equipment from brands you love at a price that won't break the bank. Whether you are looking for ATV baskets or riding mower scoops, rakes or snowblowers, Sears has everything you need to tame your lawn and create a backyard oasis for you and your family.


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