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      Tractor bumpers offer protection for the tractor so you can tackle chores

      You use your lawn tractor to complete a number of chores, so you need to protect it. Sears sells a number of bumpers to keep the hood, headlights and grill safe from damage. Maneuvering around trees, buildings, fences and other objects, it's easy to bump into things. It can be costly to repair the hood, headlights and grill. You'll also incur costs to repair that hole in the shed. Plus you can damage the trees on your property. A tree's bark is its skin. It offers protection from disease and pests. Damaged bark can make it difficult for the tree to get the nutrients it needs. A tractor bumper will help your equipment and your plant life.

      You'll find single and dual-bar bumpers and brush guards on our website. Since they are the first line of defense to protect your tractor, Sears offers you bumpers with a rugged design that also resist scratches and chips. They mount easily with included hardware and are created to allow you easy access to what's under the hood.

      With the front end protected, you can take advantage of a number of attachments for the back. With a tractor hitch, you're ready to add a dethatcher, aerator, lawn roller, cart, cultivator, spreader, plow, tiller and more.

      Aerators and dethatchers are essential tools when caring for your lawn and garden. While dethatchers remove unwanted and potentially harmful grass clippings and leaves from your lawn, aerators help your garden thrive by slicing through the soil so water and nutrients can get to the roots of the plants. With just a bit of prep word to the ground, a lawn roller will help you create the flat, even yard you want. It'll also come in handy when putting down grass seed or sod; it helps it take root. You can also use it to smooth sand and gravel.

      Of course, there's probably no more helpful attachment than a cart, allowing you to get heavy tools and supplies where you need them without making multiple, backbreaking trips. That's especially true for gardeners. Gardeners will appreciate other attachments, too, though. You can use the cultivator to break up clumps of dirt to create a smooth seedbed after you've used a tiller and plow. Using a spreader will make quick work of getting fertilizer on the garden.

      When using the lawn and garden attachments in spring and summer or tractor snowblowers in the winter, you count on your tractor to start every time and work hard so you don't have to. So it's important to do regular oil changes and maintenance, and that's why lawn tractor lifts are so popular. The lifts allow you easy access to perform maintenance on your tractor. From bumper to bumper, Sears has the lawn tractor attachments you need for all of your chores.


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