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Trimmers to tame the most raggedy lawns

Growing season is a blessing for gardeners and homeowners that eagerly await fresh green plants and little ripe buds. With every bit of growth comes a little bit of maintenance to keep your plants happy and your lawn and garden looking fresh and neat. While yard vacuums and lawn edgers will take care of the larger maintenance needs, you will want something that helps you get the stray weeds or shoots that find a home in awkward spaces. Trimmers can get into all those hard-to-reach places and are an expedient alternative to clipping things by hand with a set of grass shears. While hand gardening tools may be perfect for small lots or patio gardens, you will love the speed, power and efficiency you get with a trimmer.

Rough grasses, corners, mailboxes, walls and fences are easily tamed by a trimmer. Popular trimmers like Weedwackers keep your yard in shape with a string or line spun at high speeds, slicing all the unwanted growth in their path. Sears sells a variety of string or line trimmers that will help you cut out those weeds with ease. You can also buy other types of trimmers at Sears, including styles with scissor, chain or back-and-forth hedge trimming motions. From handheld trimmers to heavy-duty trimmers with fancy blades and extra power, you can trim wayward branches, weeds and too-tall grass at the touch of a button. The wonderful variety of trimmers makes it easy for you to find something to cut even the most stubborn growth.

Whether you have a small garden plot near the house or a large sprawling garden that stretches out for an acre, you can find a trimmer that will work for you. Sears sells battery-operated cordless trimmers, gas-powered trimmers and standard electric trimmers. Electric trimmers keep you close to home but don't require much maintenance. Battery-powered and gas trimmers allow you to trim anywhere on your property, no matter how far you are from the nearest outlet. Sears can help you choose between models of varying weight and size, which means you won't have to worry about wrangling a trimmer that is too heavy, bulky or awkward.

Try a trimmer from Sears, where you can find name brands you love at prices that can't be beat. Whether it is a string trimmer from Weedwacker or a hedge trimmer from Craftsman, you'll never have to worry about the quality of your lawn and garden equipment. Plus, you can choose from a variety of warranty and service plans that will help you keep things running for years. Let a sales associate or online guide help you pick out a trimmer that is perfect for your needs so that you can get outside and tame your lawn as soon as possible.

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