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      Let lawn edgers give your yard a pristine finish

      Home ownership comes with a beautiful yard full of wildlife, flowers and yes, a perfectly green lawn. Like any great outdoor endeavor, the little details will really make your yard stand out. A lawn with clean lines and even cuts makes an impressive sight for all those who pass by, and is both quick and easy to do with a good lawn edger.

      There are many ways to clean up your lawn and give it that sharp, clean feel. You can clean up your yard with yard vacuums and the occasional clip here and there with some grass shears. For the outer perimeter, you will want a lawn edger, which will cut your grasses in a straight line to keep them from creeping into areas that arent meant for grass. True lawn edgers create a small trench between your yard and the surrounding surface, giving you clean lines that will last the whole season long. Sears has a variety of lawn edgers available from trusted brands like Craftsman and Black & Decker, so that you can get started today.

      Edging your lawn will take no time at all. Your lawn edger will help protect the sidewalk, curb or driveway. In addition, a lawn edger can help you separate the different spaces and areas of your yard. For example, you can edge the space around your garden and throw some mulch into the trench to create a lasting barrier and protect your tulips from unwelcome grasses. If you want to keep a natural look for your backyard but want to keep a dirt path from spreading, set it off with a lawn edger. While a weed eater is good for getting some of the stragglers out of the garden or away from the sidewalk, a lawn edger is perfect for creating one simple unified line.

      Lawn edgers are available with different power options such as gas, electric or battery options. If you like a lightweight feel and your yard is small, let Sears help you find an electric lawn edger that gives you the power you need without the added hassle of filling a gas tank or charging batteries. If you need an edger that can travel the vast expanse of your property, opt for a gas lawn edger that will roll along anywhere you go. And finally, a battery-operated lawn edger is a low-maintenance way to do some edging at the farther reaches of your yard without tripping over cords.

      For the avid home gardener, a lawn edger is as necessary a tool as the chainsaw is for the lumberjack. Let Sears help you find a lawn edger that trims and cuts your yard to perfection so you can be the envy of your neighbors and anyone who happens to drive by.


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