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Whether you're sculpting your hedges into elaborate designs, or just trimming regularly to maintain a neat appearance, you'll find the tools and power tools for the job at Sears. We offer a wide selection of hedge trimmers designed to maximize ease and comfort while minimizing calluses and fatigue. Our manual trimmers are ideal for slower, more controlled work while our dual action hedge trimmers are perfect for a bigger job. Our environmentally friendly electric trimmers get the job done quickly, come in cordless models, and are easily rechargeable. We also offer powerful trimmers that run on gasoline, and cut effortlessly through the thickest branches. For hard-to-reach trimming jobs, we take the ladder out of the equation by offering pole hedge trimmers. Whether you just want a neat square hedge or a row of artistic greenery, Sears has the trimmer for you. Check out popular brands like Black and Decker, Craftsman, and Weedeater today.

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Use hedge trimmers from Sears to get the perfect cut every time

Gardening is an art form, even if you don't consider yourself to be much of an artist. Each day you are shaping the life growing from the earth with your love, care and incessant weeding. Bushes, shrubs and hedges have come to be the perfect way to display your prowess in the yard as you tame wild branches and carve them into perfect square, round or oval shapes. It's easy to get straight lines in your yard with lawn edgers, or to trim errant blades of grass with grass shears. Even though hedges are bigger, you can still get pristine results. Sears offers a variety of hedge trimmers to suit your needs and tastes, so that you can get the perfect shape for your shrubs in no time every time.

The hedge trimmer you choose will depend on your needs and budget. If you want to take the simplest approach, you can buy a manual two-handed hedge trimmer and snip those branches with your own power. If your plant is sensitive to deep cuts, a manual hedge trimmer from Sears will help you retain complete control over your trimming endeavors. While it might take a little bit longer, pruning with a manual hedge trimmer is an inexpensive way to shape your outdoor art. It can also give your lawn the precision that makes all the difference.

If you are looking for something a little bit more powerful, opt for a power hedge trimmer from Sears. Remington and Ryobi hedge trimmers offer sharp blades, high power and precision cuts that will help you cut rows and rows of hedges down to size in just minutes. With electric and gas options available from many manufacturers, Sears can help you find a dependable and accurate power hedge trimmer. And if your hedges are too tall or you have a tree that just needs a few small branches trimmed, you can always opt for a power hedge trimmer attachment to fit on the end of a pole. They are great for the small stuff, but don't forget to leave the giant logs to chainsaws and log splitters. Working on larger-diameter objects will quickly dull or even break equipment built for smaller pieces. So chop the right piece with the right equipment and you'll keep your hedge trimmers working well long into the future.

If you need a quick tutorial in how to use your new hedge trimmer, the Sears online community will help. Plus, you will find great maintenance tips that will help keep your hedge trimmer running for years to come. Once you know what you need, you can come back to Sears to get your hedge trimmer replacement parts and maintenance items like oil year after year.


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