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      Keep the neatest yard on the block with trimmers

      Sears knows that a lawnmower often isn't enough to keep the average yard tidy. A mower can't get into tight spots to tackle weeds, and it can be damaged by fencing, retaining walls and the exterior of the house, or cause damage to these structures. One back-breaking alternative is to hand-cut the weeds that proliferate in narrow spaces. A better alternative is the line trimmer.

      Also known as a weed eater, weed whacker or string trimmer, the line trimmer is equipped with a spool of tough plastic string, which spins around at high speed and knocks down weeds in its path. Unlike mower blades, the spinning plastic line is unlikely to damage fence posts or walls. The string itself wears down when coming into contact with such obstacles. The line also erodes in the course of its weed-whacking duty. Fresh line either advances automatically or spins out when the user bumps the spool on the ground.

      Line trimmers are equipped with gasoline, electric or battery-powered engines. We carry all three styles from trusted manufacturers like Poulan, Husqvarna, Black & Decker and Craftsman. Some manufacturers offer extensive warranties for up to seven years. Choosing from among those three power sources depends on the type of yard you have, as well as your personal preference. For small yards, an electric trimmer may be the best option. Electric trimmers are easy to start and require minimal maintenance. The downside is the electric cord, which restricts the range of operation.

      Rechargeable, battery-powered line trimmers are similarly easy to start and maintain. Free of the electric cord, they can be deployed far from an electrical outlet. However, the battery's operational time is limited, so cordless trimmers may be best suited to small weed whacking tasks. Several models share battery packs with other power tools, making a dead battery a quick fix.

      Gas-powered models are the workhorses. Maintenance needs and fuel costs can be higher than electric- and battery-powered trimmers. But a gas trimmer is a good option for large yards with heavy weeding challenges. The cutting swath on gas trimmers also tends to be greater, up to 22 inches.

      Regardless of their power source, our trimmers are available with either straight or curved shafts. Some trimmers have telescoping shafts to accommodate different user heights. Some models have articulating heads, allowing for different cutting angles in hard-to-reach spots. Some of our trimmers can be used with edging and hedge-trimming attachments. We also carry replacement spools of line in numerous gauges.

      Whatever make or model you're looking for, Sears has the trimmers and weed eaters for all your yard work needs.


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