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      Keep your yard and bushes trimmed with trimmer accessories

      Keeping the exterior of your home looking good takes more tools than just a lawnmower. With a cordless line trimmer and handful of trimmer accessories, any unruly yard will be in order in no time. Sears has anything from extra line to hedge trimmer attachments. These trimmer accessories will let you perform fine edging or clear out thickets of weeds.

      Burning through trimmer line can bring yard work to a halt. Sears has durable trimmer line to keep any model running strong. There are a variety of thicknesses ranging from sizes suited to handle edging a lawn or clear out years of weed growth. Running out of power is just as bad. It's also a good idea to keep replacement batteries on hand. That way, when one runs out, you can grab a new one out of the battery charger.

      Keeping your lawn and bushes tidy is easier than ever with the help of these trimmer accessories. Whether you simply need some fresh line or a blower attachment, Sears has them all. A brush cutter will have overgrown areas tamed in no time. Get all of these lawn and garden tools to get your yard into shape.


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