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Trimmers & Edgers

Trimmers and edgers give your lawn a clean-cut look

Keep your yard a cut above the rest. Don't just mow the lawn, use a trimmer and edger to keep your grounds pristine. Throughout the fall, you take care to use a yard vacuum to quickly clean up fallen leaves. When spring arrives, you'll need a grass trimmer and edger to groom your lawn and get the best-looking yard on the block. Sears has a selection of cordless, gas and electric weed eaters for your gardening needs.

Your lawn isn't the only part of your landscaping that needs to be trimmed. Put away the hand gardening tools and pick up a hedge trimmer to shape your shrubbery. You'll be able to cut through the branches quickly and evenly so you can spend more time planting and cultivating the lush floral gardens you've dreamed about. 

While you use your weed wacker to take care of those unsightly plants plaguing your lawn and garden, you'll also want to stop your lawn from spilling onto driveway with an edger. Sears' selection of trimmers and edgers will make sure your lawn and shrubbery stay exactly where you want them to. Get the tools you need to make your outdoor space look tidy and well-kept all season long.