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      Turn your garden hose into a multitool with a hose nozzle

      Hose nozzles, to the average person, might seem like a pretty simple concept. But the reality is there hundreds of types of hose nozzles to choose from, and the right hose nozzle depends on personal preference and what you'll be using it for. Nozzles come with two basic grips: twist grips, which activates the hose through a twisting motion, and pistol grips, which allow the user to squeeze the handle for a concentrated burst of water.

      But the grip isn't the only thing to consider. The type of nozzle head determines how the water will be distributed, and most typically have multiple options for water distribution. Some nozzles may be appropriate for spraying your dog after he gets muddy in the yard, and others might be appropriate for cleaning lawn furniture or the side of your house. Sears offers a variety of nozzles that can be used for different functions.

      One of the best parts of hose nozzles is how multifunctional they are. Are you looking to water the lawn without installing a costly yard sprinkler? Want to detail the family car, getting all the grit out of the rims and grill? Or maybe you are hoping to sprinkle delicate flower buds without harming them. With either a few basic nozzles or one combination piece, you can turn your garden hose into a multifaceted tool. You can even install a shut off valve so you can easily have water when you need it and not waste precious resources while you're not using them. If the length of your garden hose is holding you back from where you wanted to go, try adding a connector set. These adapters attach two hoses together, allowing you to reach the back corner of your yard, the far side of your car or around to the front lawn with ease.

      For many homeowners, taking care of the yard is a point of pride. Neighbors, visitors and people passing by always see the yard first, which is why it's important to make sure you have all the garden tools you need to keep your yard in tiptop shape. Sears carries a wide variety of outdoor tools and supplies that will help you maintain your yard, whether you're simply taking care of the lawn or designing a garden. Tools such as hedge sheers, lawn mowers and weed whackers will help you maintain the landscaping, but tools like hoes, rakes and watering cans will allow you to grow and maintain your garden or edible plants, or the floral vines growing on your gate. We also have simple necessities such as gardening gloves, and tools required for a more rigorous yard work, such as edging materials, water feature pumps and seed spreaders.


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