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      Make your lawn care easy with watering accessories

      Sears offers a variety of watering accessories you'll need to make sure your yard and garden is properly watered. Whether you're looking for something as complex as a yard irrigation system, or something as simple as a watering can, Sears has a variety of shapes, styles and sizes you can choose from. As any gardener knows, the three elements for healthy, hearty landscaping are sunlight, soil and water. With a focus on the liquid element, we offer a complete spectrum of watering equipment and tools to keep your landscape healthy and lush. Perhaps you're looking for a water breaker nozzle to create an outdoor shower that your children can rinse off in after taking a dip in the nearby lake. Or maybe you're looking for a hose nozzle that will effectively water all your hanging plants without dousing them. We offer all the basics, plus any accessories and tools you'll need to use your watering equipment.

      One necessary watering accessory for any yard is a garden hose, whether it's used to water plants or clean lawn furniture. Although the term "garden hose" seems simple enough, there are hundreds of styles and functions to choose from. Sears offers a variety of garden hoses that come in different lengths, widths and styles. Some are heavy duty, some have coiled hoses, some are compact reel hoses, some are steel and chew-proof, some are flexible and some look like traditional garden hoses.

      Yard sprinklers are often the best way to ensure your grass, garden or vines stay lush and green at all times. Sears offers a variety of sprinklers that serve different purposes in different situations, whether it's needed in a small yard, a large garden or a on a crop farm. Some sprinklers have multiple functions and water pressure levels, and some have retractable heads. Not everyone needs a full irrigation system in their yard, which is why Sears sells hundreds of different kinds of yard sprinklers, from the most simple to the most complex.

      Whether you're looking to purchase a sump pump so your basement or yard doesn't flood in heavy rain or if you're looking to pump water out of a pond, Sears has a variety of pumps you'd need for your home. There are three methods by which a pump can function to remove water: direct lift, displacement and with the use of gravity. Finding the right pump depends on the area that needs to be pumped, how much water could potentially be removed with it, and where that water will go. Sears offers small utility pumps, high-flow pumps, sensor pumps, siphon pumps, submersible pumps, portable pumps and multipurpose pumps. We also offer accessories and parts for any of your water, pump, piping needs in your home, including valves, septic caps, water pressure gauges and pump repair kits. So whatever the problem may be, Sears has a variety of products you need to make sure water is flowing smoothly.


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