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      Have you checked your lawn mower spark plugs today? Are they clean and free of any signs of corrosion? Unless you can answer the question firmly in the affirmative, it is time to shop for Sears' replacement spark plugs. Manufacturers design them to keep your riding or push mowers working perfectly. Since you are setting aside some time for appliance maintenance, be sure to pick up one of the many tune up kits that Sears carries. These kits usually include lawn mower oil. If you believe that a complete once-over is in order, opt for a kit that comes with replacement spark plugs and a replacement oil filter.

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      Lawn mower spark plugs provide the spark to power your mower

      Lawn mower spark plugs ignite the fuel in order to power the mower. If the spark plugs have corrosion on the tips or can't connect to the spark plug connector wires, then the mower may not start, or it sputters to a halt. Sears carries hundreds of spark plugs from Champion and E3 for use with your push mowers and lawn tractors. Installing new spark plugs before the cutting season ensures that you have a successful startup every time.

      Like spark plugs, mower filters play a crucial role in powering your engine. A clogged air filter doesn't allow enough air to circulate through the engine, and some dust and debris particles can enter the engine and cause damage. Check your air filters regularly, and install new Craftsman filters to improve your engine's power. Oil filters also clog over time, causing your engine to sputter and lose power. A bad oil filter causes leaks and oil to enter the engine and cover the spark plugs. Before you mow the lawn, check your oil levels, and replace the filters at least once per season.

      Anytime you plan to mow the grass, you need to check the lawn mower oil levels to prevent the engine from overheating and breaking down. Your mower's engine requires a steady supply of oil in order to prevent friction damage and to ensure that the engine runs smoothly as you mow. Lack of oil in the engine can even cause the motor to hesitate on startup or crack if it overheats. Make sure to fill up your mower with Explorer SAE 30 oil, and use Craftsman high-performance fuel to increase your mower's power and efficiency.

      As with any mower part, lawn mower wheels wear down over time. You have access to Craftsman and Arnold steel and plastic wheels for use on your walk-behind mower. When the tires lose traction, the mower slides and skids as you turn, which damages the grass. Loss of traction also makes it harder to push the mower up hills and to control it down inclines. When you tune up the mower before each cutting season, inspect the tires for signs of rock damage or usual wear and tear from use.

      Install new spark plugs in your mower to increase your engine's power and to save on fuel consumption. Replace the filters regularly to maintain the life of your engine, and check the oil levels before each use to prevent unnecessary wear and tear on your riding or push mowers. Check out more of the Sears' online inventory for affordable lawn mowers and garden equipment when landscaping your yard.


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