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      Angle finders provide accurate measurements

      When woodworking, a tool you'll use for a variety of projects is an angle finder. You use it to read the angles between point A and point B, not only on the outside corner, but also on the inside corner. Both a digital and dial angle finder will display the angle between the two points, providing the two arms are straight and the area is free of debris so you end up with a true reading; however, it's much easier for you to read a digital one.

      If you've been talking with other woodworking enthusiasts and heard about how helpful an angle finder is, but you don't know how it works, no problem. Sears not only provides you with products and services, but we also provide you with information and helpful hints. To get started with the angle finder, you'll need to loosen the locking nut. It's at the center. You'll find it where the arms meet. Open it up so that the angle finder is extended and you get a 180-degree reading from the protractor. Check the two arms, and make sure they're straight. If you ever bend the arms somehow, you'll have to buy a new angle finder. Once they are bent, you'll never get an exact measurement again.

      Adjust the angle finder's arms in whatever corner you need to measure. It's best to take multiple measurements to make sure the results are accurate. If the materials (such as two walls if you're doing some measuring in your home) are not even, you can end up with an inaccurate reading. Remember, if you're checking the measurement of an outside corner, you'll notice a large measurement with the protractor. So you'll need to subtract that number from 180. After each use, wipe off the angle finder. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for the type of cloth and solution to use.

      If you're in the market for an angle finder, check out the many models Sears has to offer. Try the 4-in-1 digital angle finder from Craftsman, America's most trusted brand. It's lightweight, making it easy to use. It's durable. (You still have to handle the arms with care, though, so you don't bend them.) It's not just an angle-finder, though. When Craftsman says 4-in-1, it's referring to all four features. It's also a compound cut calculator, protractor and level. With this one tool, you can measure angles from zero to 220 degrees with an amazing accuracy of plus or minus 0.1 degrees. Now that's accurate. You'll appreciate the clear display of measurements on the front and rear backlit LCD screen. It'll be easy to read under most any lighting condition. It has four function buttons: on/off, hold, spring/corner/miter/bevel, and spring angle. Navigate to the tool's various functions with the simple press of a button. The leg extension will come in handy when you need to reach hard-to-measure angles.

      If you're tackling a job that requires an angle finder, you might also need laser measuring tools, laser tool accessories and measuring tool accessories. We have those, too. Whether you're measuring distance, angles, level or more, we have the tools you need right here at Sears.


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