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      Chalk & Marking Tools

      Marking out straight lines is no easy task, but it's a necessary part of many tasks in your workshop. In carpentry, metal working and a number of other projects, working along a straight line is imperative. Using a chalk line reel will let you mark out extremely long spans, such as those that it would be hard to mark out using a straight edge. When measuring cuts on lumber, you'll want to have some lumber crayons that will let you mark clearly and easily on wood. If you're working on glossy surfaces, glass or wet surfaces, you'll want to make sure you have some grease pencils.

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      Make accurate marks with chalk and marking tools

      When working on any construction, carpentry or metalworking project, having your cuts and other lines marked out is a must. With clear and accurate markings, you can ensure that all the pieces of your project are laid out correctly before cuts are made. Identifying your cuts saves you from wasting materials and time redoing steps of the project. Using chalk reels, lumber crayons and grease pencils (also called China markers) to make your marks will ensure that you can clearly see where the next move of your project will be.

      In construction and other industries, it's helpful to mark out the placement of items with a chalk reel. A durable string, usually nylon, and a reel box full of brightly colored chalk make up a chalk reel. When the distance needing to be marked is too long to do by hand, you'll want to use your chalk reel. These are best for flat surfaces, but can also be used to mark out where electrical wire will be laid on unfinished walls. As long as the string is taut, and the reel is level, a line can be accurately marked.

      When it comes to woodworking, having a few lumber crayons on hand will help you mark all your cuts once you've measured them out. Lumber crayons leave a long lasting mark that won't rub off as chalk would. Sears has a options in bright colors like yellow and red so that you can't miss the mark as you run wood through your table saw. These crayons can be used on concrete and unfinished metal, as well. This marking tool is best for making small notches on where to cut next, but not as useful for making long lines.

      Not every surface you need to mark is going to be rough or even dry. For wet and glossy surfaces, you'll want to use a grease pencil. Also called a China marker, these tools are perfect for marking up plastic, polished metal and glass. They're great for marking metal bars that are still glossy and smooth before you plasma cut your way through them. A plus to grease pencils is that they will rarely leave scratches on whatever surface they're marking up. These will mark up those delicate and slippery surfaces without leaving permanent lines.

      Getting the job done right means knowing where you have to cut, nail or drill. Come to Sears for all your chalk and marking tool needs.


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