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      Tape Measures

      Whether you need to cut lumber or figure out the dimensions of a room, tape measures are a necessary tool for any household. Retractable tapes in metal casings are simple to use and quick to stow away, and they are great for everything from hanging pictures on a wall to making precision cuts for a woodworking project. When odd-shaped items give you trouble, a cloth tape will help you accurately measure dimensions. Instead of using a yardstick and string, you could have your project marked out in no time with durable and inexpensive measuring tapes from Sears.

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      Go the distance with tape measures that can help you complete any home project

      Moving furniture, starting a new project and even playing with the cat: what tool can do all of these things and more? Tape measures. You probably already have a ruler or tape measure in your toolbox, but a quality tape measure made specifically for your purpose can help you save time and effort in the long run. There are actually several different styles of tape measure for home use, made out of a variety of materials for many different purposes.

      A multi-use tape measure is the most common type of tape measure you will likely find in your neighbor's tool box. This style is small enough to fit in your hand, retracts on its own and is typically made from durable plastic and metal materials so that it will last for years to come. Most of these have handy belt loops so that you can carry them from room to room hands-free. The trick to buying a multi-use tape measure is to check the length; the longer it is, the more use you will be able to get out of it. A ten-foot measuring tape may be good for small projects, but may not be particularly helpful if you need to measure the span of a room or yard. Make sure you get a tape measure in a length that is truly usable for your projects and living space.

      While retractable multi-use tape measures are very common, there are some other styles that may be more helpful in some circumstances. Multi-use tape measures can be very rigid, which means that you may have some trouble measuring around angles or curves. For this you will need a softer tape measure. Many seamstresses use cloth tape measures, while outdoorsman prefer tape measures made from durable and waterproof plastic or webbing. Medical tape measures are thinner and more compact than traditional tape measures, and are great in emergency kits or for travel. Measuring tape tools are made of metal and will typically retain rigidity, which is helpful when you are trying to measure a big space on your own.

      Sometimes you need to measure spaces that just can't be measured by a tape measure. For those circumstances, there are a variety of tools that can help. Line reels can be used to help measure out super-large distances, and depth gauges can help measure smaller distances (such as the depth of screw holes) down to the millimeter. Likewise, sometimes you need to measure the depths of spaces that can't be traversed by any kind of tape measure, like when you need to hang something heavy on the wall. Stud finders can help detect the right place to hang your shelves or television without the need to tear down the drywall for a peek at sturdy mounting points.

      No matter what type of tape measure you need, Sears is here to help. Check out a variety of multi-use retractable tape measures that will fit in your toolbox or pocket. Examine softer tape measures made of cloth or plastic for getting around all of those corners and curves. Choose a digital tape measure or depth gauge that can read distances to fractions of an inch. Whatever you choose, you know that you will fill your tool box with an affordable tape measure that will get the job done for years to come.


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