LCD vs. Plasma, choose one before the big game

The big game is coming up. You've followed your team all season long, and now you're ready to cheer on your team to the final victory.

Before you can invite your 50 closest friends over to share in their inevitable victory, you have to get your house ready. Whether that means replacing your ancient television with a plasma or LCD TV or simply grabbing some chips, don't be embarrassed when game day begins.   

You'll get a great picture whether you buy an LCD or plasma TV. One of the most important factors to consider is the lighting of the room. A plasma works best in a room with low to normal lighting, while an LCD works best in a very bright room. You'll be able to see all the action from any angle, even at 180 degrees, with a plasma TV vs. LCD. Manufacturers are continuing to improve LCD technology so that you get a great view no matter where you are sitting, however on current models, the viewing quality suffers after 120 degrees.

Surprisingly, altitude also makes a difference with TV viewing. If you live in a high-altitude area, 6,500 feet or higher, you'll want an LCD TV. A plasma can emit a buzzing sound at high altitudes.

Most people know that screensavers are necessary for your computer so the image of the desktop doesn't ?burn in.? However, there's a potential for burn in with a plasma television, though it's not common as long as you don't display a static page, such as your DVD welcome screen, for long periods of time.

Though you likely won't be purchasing a new TV simply for the game, it will give you a good motivation to finally upgrade that behemoth that's been sitting in your living room.

Show your team pride

Don't limit your team spirit to your jersey. Fly your team flag from the flagpole, if you have one, or in a window. Buy a drop cloth and paint a message for the neighbors and your guests to see, such as ?You are now in Colts Country.? Attach balloons that are team colors to your mailbox; it's a cheap and quick way to show your spirit, and it makes your home easy to find. If you have pets, get them in the game with team gear such as bandanas or doggy jerseys.    

Once you have your plan in place, call your fellow fans, and let them know you have a new TV to watch the big game. Offer a prize for the person who shows the most spirit. Categories could include best-decorated vehicle and the person most decked out in team gear. Start your party well before kickoff, to allow time for everyone to eat, or at least grab food, before the game. To get your guests pumped up before the game starts, consider popping a disc of past victories or an inspirational movie such as "Rudy" into the Blu-ray player.

Are you going to grill burgers, brats and hot dogs before the game and snack during the action? Maybe the main course is chicken wings or pizza. As the host, provide the main course and beverages. Allow your guests to bring snacks and any special beverages. Keep track of what snacks and beverages everyone is bringing.

For a quick cleanup, use disposal plates, cups and plastic ware. If you keep a marker handy so that people can write their names on the cups, people are more likely to use one and stick with it. That means both less waste and less cleanup time after the guests are gone.

With just a little planning, you can have a game party everyone will remember or years.

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