Let your chainsaw bar help you select the perfect chainsaw

You might think that all chainsaws are created equal. After all, they all have a saw that cuts through most materials. However, chainsaws come in many sizes and options that are designed to help you meet specific needs. Whether you want a chainsaw that can manage large tree trunks or just something to help you prune a few trees, you will need to take a look at the chainsaw bar to help you select the right tool for you.

The length of the chainsaw bar is the key for determining what chainsaw is right for you. Generally speaking, the longer bars will be better for thick logs like tree trunks and the shorter bars will be better for smaller items like tree limbs or brush. Very small limbs can often be trimmed with a pole saw, which typically has a chainsaw bar of about six to twelve inches long. If you are looking for a versatile saw that can be used for any number of small household jobs, then you will want a chainsaw with a bar that is about twelve to fourteen inches long. Between these two types of chainsaw bars, most homeowners will be able to do everything they need.

If you live on a property with some forest or wild growth in the back yard, you may want to opt for an even longer chainsaw bar. Logs and dense items will require a bar that is sixteen to twenty inches long. If you intend to do a large amount of work, you may want a commercial or professional bar that extends to as much as thirty-six inches. While a three-foot long bar sounds mighty fun, remember that the longer the bar, the more weight you will add to your chainsaw. The added weight comes not only from the added length, but also from the motor. Longer bars require more power, which could mean you will be dealing with a bigger motor on top of a bigger bar. If you opt for a bar with thick grooves, then you will need even more power.

All about balance

Whether you get a chainsaw with a long or short bar, you will notice that the weight of the chainsaw can be balanced if you hold on to the handles correctly. When purchasing your chainsaw, make sure to try them out. You will want to know if the handle sizes are easy to grip and naturally spaced enough that you can hold them with ease. Additionally, you will be able to test the balance of the saw and see if it is a good fit for you. Just because one long saw is poorly balanced doesn't mean you won't be able to hold any long saw; it does mean that you will need to keep looking. Once you have selected your chainsaw, be sure it includes a chainsaw bar cover, or buy one separately in order to protect your investment.

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