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Vertical alignment is a piece of cake when you use plumb bobs to make sure those pipes stand straight and tall. These low-tech solutions are portable, accurate and affordable. Just hang the line and let the weight drop to see if it sits plumb with your vertical project, or if an adjustment of angle is in order. Laser levels are great for large, easy-to-reach spaces, but plumb bobs can help you assess your work in tight spots, nooks and crannies. Let Sears help you find the perfect plumb bobs and accessories to make your next home project the best one yet!

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Get the job done right the first time with plumb bobs that assure straight pipes

You already know that levels and squares can help you get your carpentry and wall hangings perfectly straight every time. Likewise, line reels coated in chalk can certainly ensure straight lines for tiles, baseboards and other decorative touches. However, you might wonder how you can ensure that your plumbing lines are directly vertical. After all, levels are a rough estimate, and you don't want to fight gravity any more than you have to when water and sewage are involved. Luckily, plumb bobs are a great way to ensure vertical alignment for just about anything, including your plumbing.

Plumb bobs are simply a special balanced weight tied to the end of a string. Thus, it will always fall straight down. If you hang it next to a pipe, you will be able to see if the pipe aligns straight with gravity or if it is off by a few degrees. Some plumbing installation offers a margin of error of a few degrees, so make sure to have some protractors handy to ensure you are within range. The weight on the end of a plumb bob is specifically designed to be perfectly balanced and accurate. While you could make your own using a weight and string, it wouldn't be as accurate as a specially designed plumb bob, which often allows you to change out the tip of the weight as it wears down over time.

If you are working on a project that requires specific angles and vertical alignment, you may want to consider purchasing a plumb square or inclinometer. A plumb square is a square with a small plumb bob attached so you can determine if your project is at a right angle and if it is level. Inclinometers will tell you the exact degree of your vertical angle, saving you the need to buy a protractor to determine the angle on your own. These projects help you multi-task and accomplish more than one measurement at the same time.

Plumb bobs aren't just limited to home project use, however. They can make great learning tools for children in the areas of science and physics as they learn about how pendulums and gravity work. Likewise, you are already familiar with a version of the plumb bob regularly ticking away the minutes in your own home: a pendulum clock! Plumb bobs are used for all sorts of non-plumbing projects, from predicting a baby's gender before it is born to gravity and inertia experiments.

Let a plumb bob speed up your home project today by helping you set vertical objects perfectly the first time. Inexpensive and easy to use, these tools will last for years to come, whether it is in your garage or your child's science kit. Let Sears help you find the perfect plumb bob to help you set pipes, demonstrate a pendulum or line up your framing. You are sure to find exactly what you need as you choose between a variety of plumb bobs and tips to ensure an accurate measurement every time.


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