Make your gas trimmer a multi-tasker with trimmer attachments

When you're looking to work on a budget, a multi-tasking tool can save you countless time and money. The mower cuts and mulches grass and helps clear the lawn of leaves. It can be a chipper or even help remove snow. Grass trimmers are no different. With just a few attachments, it'll be a multi-tasking machine. And it's less expensive to purchase attachments than specialized equipment, plus you don't have several machines taking up space in the garage. So what attachments should you consider purchasing? The edger, hedge trimmer, brush cutter and blower attachments will take care of most of your trimming needs.

An edger attachment for your grass trimmer does for your lawn what an iron does for your clean clothes. A gas trimmer will chop up weeds and tall grass that a mower can't reach, but an edger attachment will create crisp, clean lines along the landscape. An edger is all about finishing touches. When purchasing an edger attachment for a grass trimmer, look for one that's compatible with most trimmers. That way, if you ever have to purchase a new trimmer, you won't also have to buy a new edger. The same holds true for all attachments.

Hedge trimmer attachments

While working in the yard, after you've mowed and trimmed the grass and used the edger, all that's left are the shrubs and hedges. See how many degrees an articulating hedge trimmer adjusts. For example, Craftman's Universal Hedge Trimmer adjusts from 0 to 135 degrees. With it, you can trim from a variety of angles. Also look for a durable blade that has the power to tackle any job and dual-action cutting. 

Brush cutter attachment

There are a number of reasons why you might need a brush cutter attachment for your gas grass trimmer. If you have a large property and area you'd like to leave wild (but not too wild), if there are government-owned drainage ditches near your property and so on. You need an attachment with some power to chop down tall grass, weeds and stalks of brush. Look for a heavy-grade steel blade. It will not only help you cut brush, but it will also be more durable.

Blower attachment

Once you're done working in the yard, you'll need to clean up along the driveway, sidewalk, porch and patio. The quickest, easiest way to do that is with a blower attachment. As with all attachments, look for a lightweight one. You want one with the power to whisk grass, leaves, sticks and other debris out of the way. Craftman's Universal Blower Attachment, for example, blows air up to 145 mph. The higher the mph, the more powerful the blower. Sometimes you need a nozzle for hard-to-reach areas. So look for one that has one or more nozzles.

Make sure any tool you purchase has more than one purpose or, with a few attachments, can tackle more than one job. Let Sears get you the most bang for your buck with tools that will get the jobs done.

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