Making sure the battery price is right

Regardless of what you're shopping for, you always want to get the best deal. To get the best deal on a new car battery, you have to do a little bit of homework. Manufacturers base the price of a new battery on the group size of the battery, its lifespan, the RC (reserve capacity), the number of cold cranking amps (CCA) and the brand. Other factors add to car battery cost, too, but those are the primary factors affecting the price.

Replace a battery before it dies

You probably haven't even thought of one of the best ways to save money on a new battery. You'll save yourself a bundle if you shop for one before you need it. New car battery cost skyrockets if you get stranded while on vacation or a business trip and have to pay a towing fee for your car to get to the shop for a technician to install a new battery. Experts suggest replacing it after its third winter, since cold temperatures can wreak havoc on your battery. Since most drivers don't notice battery problems until it's too late, it is always smart to take the preemptive step to get it checked or replaced.

Factoring costs

expensive car battery

The larger the battery, the larger the price tag. That's because larger batteries provide more power. A battery with a long lifespan will cost more than one with a shorter lifespan. The reserve capacity (RC) number lets you know how much stored power the battery has, so the higher the RC number, the higher the cost. The same holds true for the number of cold cranking amps (CCA). While popular brands often make consumers feel safe in a big purchase such as a battery, it can also drive up the price.

Remember, popular and more-expensive brands become popular for a reason. Users have found the brand to be the best product for the price and have recommended it to others. And consider this: There is a difference between low-cost car batteries and cheap car batteries. A cheap battery doesn't cost much, but it also doesn't give you much. In the end, buying cheap battery after cheap battery instead of investing in a more-expensive, longer-lasting one can end up costing you more money.

How much do car batteries cost?

On average, a new battery can cost anywhere from $55 to $225. Large retailers usually offer lower prices on batteries because they can buy in bulk. When you look at the new car battery cost, don't forget to find out if there are installation and old battery disposal fees. Knowing all the costs involved will allow you to can compare apples to apples. With just a little homework, you can find the best new battery for your car and driving needs at a price that fits your budget.

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