Many uses for a plastic tool box

Strong plastic tool boxes have become an inexpensive, durable and lightweight way to tote tools around. These boxes are available in traditional tray or cantilever styles for handymen, husbands, and fix-it gurus. If one box of tools will suit your needs, then durable plastic is the way to go. Plastic offers some of the strength of a strong metal box without the added weight. While some people doubt that it will make a sturdy tool box, plastic is actually a great option for people who need a good tool box on a budget.

The wonders of plastic tool boxes have been expanded to make lightweight carry cases for tools. These cases are not much bigger than a briefcase and usually will hold a cordless drill in addition to all the basics. Often near the holidays, you can spot great deals on pre-packed plastic carrying cases that contain everything you need to do basic home repairs. If you want something more extensive, many companies offer complete mechanics kits in rolling plastic cases.

If you want something that allows you to see all your tools at once, a bucket bag might be the answer for you. These bags, made from rip-stop material, slide over inexpensive plastic buckets. They contain a large number of pockets so you can sort all of your tools and keep them in visual range. This is great for someone who hates blindly digging around in a box of heavy metal tools. Remember that this style of tool box does not have a lid, so you will want to make sure not to leave it outdoors in plain sight of passerby.


It is not much of a secret that tool boxes can make for great tackle boxes in a pinch. A plastic cantilever tool box with dividers is a great way to separate out your bait and tackle, and display it all in an easy to use format. This too is a lightweight option for transporting your gear to and from the boat. If you would rather have a permanent fishing box on your boat, you can invest in a set of drawers. While these are usually meant to work as a tool box, plastic drawers are a great way to organize your gear on the boat without adding too much weight. After all, you need the boat as light as possible to lug that prize-winning fish to shore.

Sewing, art and craft supplies

While most crafty women won't run to the hardware store to solve their craft storage problems, they should. Plastic tool boxes with dividers, drawers and even doors abound, and they can be a creative alternative to expensive specialty craft organization systems. Lightweight plastic keeps supplies sorted and portable for the crafter on the go. Artists will also enjoy drawer systems for storing paper, brushes and other necessary items.

Direct sales supplies

With home party businesses booming, portable organizational systems are becoming a requirement for many entrepreneurs. A large plastic tool box can hold promotional or sample items so that your entire supply is within arm's reach. Mobile drawer-style tool boxes can be used to store overstock, paperwork and other items you use in your home-based business. If you are traveling from location to location, a lockable plastic tool box can easily be stowed in your trunk and then toted into your house at the end of the day.

Toy storage

Rolling tool boxes and luggage-style portable boxes are great for transporting toys. Whether your child is switching homes for parenting time, or just needs something to transport an entire matchbox car collection, this can be an inexpensive way to keep all those precious playthings safe on the go. As your child grows, a tool box full of toys can become a box full of real tools or hair and makeup supplies.

Plastic tool boxes are versatile, durable and inexpensive. Whether you are looking for creative storage for tools, toys or supplies, Sears can help you find the perfect plastic tool box for you.


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