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Recover your health on adjustable bed mattresses

You shouldn't have to suffer physically just to get some shuteye, but many flat beds are like torture. Adjustable beds make it easier for individuals with limited mobility, sensitivity or injuries to sleep soundly at night and get going in the morning. They can also help home-care patients avoid bed sores and recover properly. Sears has a wide selection of adjustable bed mattresses designed to let you actually enjoy your rest.

Our adjustable bed mattresses come in many models made to fit different standard frames and accommodate your personal sleeping style. The same manufacturers that create regular luxury mattresses also make special sectionals, single body bases and folding innersprings, so you don't have to settle for a stiff, hospital-like feeling while you are trying to get to sleep. Install models like our Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Ergo beds for the ultimate in comfort, and enjoy the feel of memory foam as well as the ability to adjust your sleeping angle at will. These California King, Full and Double-sized beds are perfect for couples with back problems, and many are split so that each person can adjust their position without disturbing their partner. Many of these beds include contemporary, unobtrusive frames that look great next to decor like our designer bedroom mirrors.

We make it easy to find accessories like rubber leg caps, specialty bases and headboard brackets. Many electric beds have unique parts, so make sure that you grab compatible add ons and replacements for your particular model or brand. Don't be fooled into thinking that you have to stick with something bulky to match your older bed though. Modern models like our Flex-a-Bed series are less obtrusive than they used to be, so you'll have more room for our bedroom vanity sets and other furniture arrangements if you upgrade.

For the complete look, buy an adjustable bed that comes with its own finished base. Products like our Ergomotion full 400 series are specifically engineered to accommodate the motors and support structures that adjustable beds require. They tend to create an extremely natural appearance and ensure that you feel great after a night's sleep. Even if you already have a mattress or frame with the perfect comfort level, you can simply add one of our many headboards to spruce things up a bit.

Get out of bed in the morning without as much trouble. Stop straining your neck to enjoy movies and books, and give your back a much-needed break whenever you can. Shop the Sears adjustable bed mattresses line today to ensure that your bedroom accommodates your personal needs.


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