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Run in comfort with mens athletic shoes

Get the comfort and support you expect when you invest in mens athletic shoes from Sears. We have a full inventory of name-brand mens shoes from Reebok, Asics and more, and you can find the latest styles in the size that fits you best. Find comfortable racing flats for improving your speed in the next competition, and check out our lightweight barefoot shoes that feel like you're hardly wearing anything at all. Whether you play basketball or run track, train hard with mens athletic shoes from Sears.

Pay attention to the width and the size of the shoe before you buy it. It must grip the sides of your feet without feeling constricted as you wear it. Your heels should rest against the heel counter, but you should have a small amount of space between your toes and the toe box. If you wear a size 7 but feel your toes rubbing against the toe box, then consider moving up one half size. If you want to break in your new shoes, try our shoe care stretching spray, which softens the leather in your basketball shoes or cross trainers.

We have mens athletic shoes with low, moderate and high cushioning depending on comfort level. You can also find low and neutral foot arch support in our low, mid-top and high-top shoes. Many of our athletic running shoes feature antimicrobial sock liners that reduce the growth of bacteria that cause tinea pedis, otherwise known as athlete's foot. If your favorite shoe doesn't offer antibacterial liners, then we have athlete's foot remedies such as protective insoles to use with athletic shoes of all sizes.

We have Reebok running shoes with absorption insoles and athletic shoes with improved arch support to comfort your feet whether you're on the basketball court or jogging. Many of our Skechers cross-training shoes feature nonslip outsoles for improved traction over wet roads and sidewalk.

For the perfect mix of classic styling and high performance, look no further than Converse. Step into a pair of stylish Chuck Taylor athletic shoes and you'll look great whether you're hitting the basketball court, working the elliptical track or heading out the door to meet up with friends. Available in a variety of colors like red, blue, grey and of course classic black, a pair of athletic Converse Chuck Taylors are an eye-catching addition to your athletic wardrobe.

Get a head start in the race with lightweight running shoes, and grip the road with our nonslip cross trainers. From shoe care accessories to supportive inserts, we carry a range of useful products to enhance your new shoes. Shop online at Sears for more affordable athletic shoes from Reebok, Asics, New Balance and more.



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