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Operating Systems

If you're interested in making a memorable slideshow of a weekend getaway or perhaps create a secure network for a small business, you need a computer operating system to do so. Whether you need operating systems for home or office use, Sears has an OS selection that gives you options. We offer Microsoft Windows OS software both for home and professional networks, operating systems compatible with other computer systems, and open-source systems if you're interested in working with non-proprietary software. At Sears, we have the operating systems and networking software to help you get the most out of your computers.

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Upgrade your home or office computers with operating systems from Sears

Updating a computer's operating system can be like getting a new computer altogether. An operating system is what allows a computer's hardware to talk to its programs and applications. If you're working with an old operating system, you may not be maximizing the full capability of your computer. So when you're tired of waiting for programs and applications that run slowly, you may want to consider shopping Sears for an upgrade of your operating system before you buy a whole new device.

A new operating system on your home computer can make it much easier to enjoy entertainment apps and share on social media sites. Whether you're using a Microsoft OS or open-source operating system, an OS upgrade allows your computer to manage and navigate between multiple programs. So when you share a memorable photo, upload a funny video or listen to a favorite song, you can do it more effectively with a new operating system from Sears. For the PC gamers out there, an OS upgrade is a great way to optimize your computer games for a more enjoyable gaming experience.

If you have a small business, an upgrade to your network's operating system can increase security and offer you new tools necessary to troubleshoot possible network problems. An upgraded OS means an update to your companys firewall, pop-up blockers, anti-spyware, antivirus software and other security items. An operating system like Windows 7 can give you the ability to block sites on your network and utilize wireless Internet capabilities with other devices. Whether your business involves a fleet of PC laptops or an office full of netbooks, Sears has the selection of professional operating systems to meet your needs.

For more advanced networking of your home or office computers, you may require server operating systems, which are also available through Sears. A home server allows file sharing, printer sharing, centralized backup, remote access and much more for multiple computers. An office or small business server would provide many of the same features, but for upwards of 75 workstations, including devices like laptops and desktop computers.

Operating systems like Windows 7 and Linux are essential to running healthy computers and networks, but sometimes they need updating. When they do, you can turn to Sears for a wide variety of OS choices. For home and office devices, you can choose from an array of Windows OS products, depending on what your computer or network requires. Whichever product you choose, upgrading an operating system can bring a whole new look and feel to a device without the hassle of buying a new computer.


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