The New Business Casual for Women: How to Wear Jeans to Work

The New Business Casual for Women: How to wear jeans to work

It wasn't that long ago that a business environment required business suits and a professional wardrobe. The business professional's wardrobe has had several drastic makeovers in the last few decades, leaning more toward a business casual work environment. In women's clothing, power suits were replaced by dress slacks and skirts with blouses and sweaters.  These days, wearing jeans to work is more common than ever before, creating a new business casual. With the momentum of this new casual environment, it's important for professionals to understand how to wear jeans to work.

The rise of denim jeans for women

Since their creation in the 1960's, women's jeans have been revolutionizing the wardrobes of women around the country. Quickly, this style paved the way for designer jeans, which marked the age of a new fashion favorite. Denim became a staple for everyone, from kids to adults and men to women.

What began as Casual Friday is now becoming a fashion movement within offices everywhere. With more innovative job functions than ever before, from web developers and computer programmers to marketing copywriters and graphic designers, Corporate America is built on creative endeavors. To inspire creativity and ingenuity, businesses are offering a more lenient set of dress codes. 

Men and women are wearing jeans to work on a regular basis, displaying confidence in their newfound individuality. While many business professionals have taken this new business casual on with pride, a large number of ladies remain set in wearing professional women's pants, skirts and dresses.  The new business casual for women provides an opportunity for everyone to wear the clothes that they feel most confident and comfortable in.

How to wear jeans to work

Before you pull out your favorite pair of denim, make sure that your jeans are appropriate for work. Check to make sure there are no rips or tears on them, and wear only clean, neat looking jeans to the office. Of course, the color and design of your work jeans also makes a difference when you want to maintain a polished look at the office. Keep the lighter colored denim and the faded wash jeans for the more casual weekend. Dark stonewash and black jeans offer a more professional look and helps make your figure appear slimmer.  Choose soft denim for a more feminine look or a sturdy denim for a long-lasting pair of pants.

Choosing the right cut of jeans for the office is just as important as choosing the right color. It's important that your jeans fit you perfectly, without being too loose or too tight. Comfort is also a key factor. What's the point of wearing jeans to work if not to be comfortable in your work environment? For women who require specialty sizes, like plus size jeans, make sure that you can find a versatile selection of jeans to fit your body and your style. These extended sizes give you more room and a comfortable fit. For women with smaller frames, petite jeans offer shorter inseams and a cut that is designed for smaller bodies.

When you have the best fitting cut for your body, you want to pair it with the most stylish pieces from your closet. You can pair your classic boot-leg cut with embellished flats, a fitted blouse and a colorful cardigan for the perfect work ensemble. If you want to show off a great pair of boots with a bold, yet classic statement, don your skinny jeans, a long tunic and an infinity scarf. Hang a Kardashian Kollection sequined handbag off your arm to complete a look that can take you from work to play. The classy chic look of wide leg denim with a pair of pumps, a simple tee and a blazer is sure to show off your professional style with a casual flair.

The new business casual offers professionals a way to maintain their creativity and productivity by wearing clothes that fit their personalities. Be confident and comfortable at work. Whether you're switching between jeans, dresses and slacks all week or wearing jeans to work every day, you can maintain a professional appearance in everything you wear.

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