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      Make Fast Foods at Home with Small Microwaves

      Busy families on the go really appreciate being able to make fast foods at home with powerful small microwaves and other small kitchen appliances. Speedy cooking or reheating of leftovers, thawing of frozen foods and slow cooking can be done with small microwaves. They are space savers too, able to fit neatly on countertops, beneath an overhead cabinet or mounted above a stove or central kitchen island. Some have additional features like a warming drawer, programmable cooking and digital clock timers. Handy microwave add-ons like a small serving cart with power strip or useful vented microwave plate covers give cooks greater potential for using their microwave ovens. Sears has great microwave add-ons like custom trim parts and replacement parts as well as food preparation tools like egg poachers, steamers or pasta cookers. Keep meals on the move and make the most of your small microwave by ordering handy add-ons from Sears.

      Small, standard and commercial sized microwaves have brought convenience and cooking variety into every kitchen where they are placed. The speed of microwave cooking is one of the primary benefits to using one, and there is a wide variety of styles and sizes to fit any budget and space available. Improvements have been made over the past years, so you know that todays microwaves are ready to give you reliable performance in a number of new areas of cooking. Some can be used as a slow cooker, but most are valued for their speed cooking abilities. You can cook a large roast or turkey in a fraction of the time it takes using traditional oven cooking methods. There are great microwave safe accessories like browning bags that contain spatters while beautifully browning meats or poultry. Smaller microwaves can be taken along with you to events when needed. Built-in models add value to your property and save counter space in the room. There is a range of wattage available, and many accessories to use for cooking convenience. Our brand-name microwaves are from reliable manufacturers like Kenmore, GE, Sharp and Whirlpool, so you know you are getting a top-quality unit.

      Sears is a great place to find small appliances for entertaining. A party will instantly be improved when you enter with your cotton candy or popcorn machine. Set up a tall chocolate fondue fountain and watch everyone hurry over to try your goodies. Espresso machines, snow cone machines and other favorites for entertaining delight are just the right choices for fun at home or away. We have many commercial entertainment appliances for entertainment in addition to our small ones. Snacks and fancy drinks are expected at many functions; your Sears small appliances for entertaining make this an easy problem to solve. Just ask anyone if they like enjoying fresh treats from ice cream makers, fondue pots or a hot dog grill and you can expect a big smile of affirmation. Youll be everyones favorite host or hostess when you are the owner of these fun appliances. Look to Sears for entertainment accessories like serving dishes, glasses, cookware and tableware.

      Small microwaves make food preparation easy. Our large selection of microwave add-ons can help to make your cooking jobs even easier. Order affordable microwaves and other appliances shipped directly to your home or any nearby Sears.


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