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      Reach for utility knives for versatile cutting

      Utility knives give you a sharp edge for all your cutting needs. They can be precise enough for trimming drywall around an outlet and tough enough to cut plastic bands. Craftsman makes a wide variety of utility knives. Affordable models are handy for odd jobs around the house. Contractor-quality knives have more features including folding handles, locking blades and attractive color schemes. Stanley, the Original Pink Box and Maxcraft also make high quality utility knives that are worth a look. Compact utility knives fit easily into a pocket or purse to go with you anywhere. When selecting a utility knife, you may also want to pick up replacement blades and a knife pouch for your belt.

      Miter boxes are useful for making precise cuts in trim, pipe and other materials. If you use one occasionally, an affordable plastic miter box from Mintcraft or Red Devil might serve your purposes. Most have slots for straight cuts and common angle cuts. Craftsman and Task Force make higher-quality miter boxes for do-it-yourselfers who want greater durability and a saw with a better blade. The Stanley Adjustable Angle miter box is built for the professional trim carpenter. The cutting table has universal adjustment with a clearly marked dial for making exact cuts. The clamp holds the material in place to reduce mistakes.

      There are plenty of uses for putty knives in various sizes. Narrow knives work well when applying window glazing or tooling caulk around windows and doors. Wider putty knives can be used as taping knives when hanging drywall or guiding cuts in wallpaper or flooring such as vinyl, linoleum or cork. Affordable plastic knives from Hyde are useful for painting or working with substances like tar that are hard to clean off. Craftsman, Red Devil and Vim Products make utility knives with steel blades that offer greater precision and better longevity.

      Our selection of trowels is vast. If you are doing masonry work, a Goldblatt cross joint trowel or a tuck pointing trowel from Marshalltown Tools may prove useful. For concrete flatwork, we carry placing trowels and finishing trowels in a variety of lengths. Shorter lengths are handy for finishing walkways and countertops. Longer finishing trowels are a better choice for floors and large slabs. Adhesive trowels with notched sides give you good management of the glue when installing flooring or tile. Task Tools and Bon Tool make an array of trowels to fit your budget and your purposes.

      We have the hand tools on your list for cutting, mudding and more. Ordering is easy, and our shipping is very prompt. Make Sears your tool store when you want great tools at competitive prices.


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