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Laptop cases are versatile and functional when you buy from Sears

Your laptop holds much about your life that you would like to save: pictures, videos, documents from school or work. You want to protect your laptop when you commute, and Sears has laptop cases and bags to help. Whether you're looking for a laptop messenger bag or a rolling briefcase, Sears has a large enough selection that you will find something you'll like and will protect your computer while also making carrying it easy.

When you're shopping for a laptop case, you first want to make sure it will hold your size laptop. If you're looking for a laptop case or sleeve or a carrying case, Sears has laptop cases of all sizes so your computer fits comfortably in whatever you use to carry it. We have laptop briefcases so you can fit more than just your computer, laptop totes for versatility for women, and laptop backpacks for easier carrying. Sears also has rolling laptop cases for simpler transportation. No matter your style, Sears has a laptop carrying case for you.

When you're traveling on a business trip, you want to make sure you look clean and professional for however long you'll be away. Rather than folding your shirts and suit jackets to fit into a small carry-on suitcase, consider garment bags to keep your clothes folded neatly while traveling. Garment bags protect your clothes from creasing. Sears offers wheeled garment bags for easier traveling through airport terminals or unwheeled garment bags so you can carry it over your shoulder.

If you need more than just a garment bag when you travel for business, consider browsing Sears' collection of hardside luggage. Hardside luggage is durable and holds its shape, so you don't have to worry about expanding the top if you pack too much. Hardside luggage comes in various sizes, including carry-on, so you can have durable luggage for all types of traveling. Spinner suitcases have four wheels on the bottom for quick maneuvering and pushing.

No matter the type of luggage or carrying bag you're looking for, Sears has bags for your laptop, your suits and dresses, or for your clothes. From brands like Rockland Fox Luggage, Heys USA, Samsonite, Royce Leather and more, Sears carries top-rated luggage and laptop cases.


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